visual studio 2010 beta 2 - Why is there no Project Item when Deploying VSIX?

We have a VS2010 Beta 2 DSL Project , We can build, deploy and test on our Development machines and all is well i.e When we go to 'Add New Item' we can select our DSLWhen it comes to giving the VSIX to someone else to try the ONLY way that they can see the associated Project Item is if they build the DSL Project on their machine, they do not need to F5, it is just a simple Build Solution and then voila they can see it.Is this a bug or user error?...Read more

Visual Studio 2010 source server alert crashes

I just installed VS2010 Beta 2. When it opens for the first time it gives me a security error that "use source server only if you trust the origin blah blah". At this time VS crashes. VS itself comes up normally, but since the source server alert pops up, it is in a modal window, so VS stops accepting input until I dismiss the alert, which I can't do.I don't really need source server; so if I can figure out how to disable it through the registry or some similar way, it would be good enough for me.I have VS 2008 on the same box, and it indeed ha...Read more

How do I get Local Database files to work in Visual Studio 2010 B2?

In Visual Studio 2008 I can add a local database file (.sdf) and work with it just fine. In Visual Studio 2010 B2, I can add the file, but it doesn't get added to Server Explorer, and when I try double clicking on it I get this error: The operation could not be completed. Unspecified errorHas anyone else gotten this error? Does anyone know how to fix it? Google isn't giving me much on this one.UPDATE: I've gotten a new error message now. When I reinstalled SQL Server Compact Edition and then deleted the sdf file and readded it, I get this m...Read more

tfs2010 - TFS 2010 Basic (beta 2) versus Subversion et al

For a solo developer using Visual Studio 2010 beta 2 is TFS Basic a better option than Subversion (with VisualSVN or Ankh) and (optionally) something like Cruisecontrol? I don't need distributed source or even remote access. I don't really care about drilldowns and all that reporting. I just want version control & potentially automated testing & building.EDIT: to respond to Bob Aman's questions (Thanks Bob)I was considering self-hosting but off-site is a good idea , as you say. I back-up regularly. It is really only me who will have acc...Read more

visual studio 2010 beta 2 - VS2010 express beta2 - no add reference dialog, no open file/project dialogs

Just installed VS2010 express for Windows Phone last night. Install went smoothly. It creates a project, compiles, and deploys the app to the emulator. Here's the problem: When I try to "Add Reference" through the Project menu, I do not get the Add Reference dialog box. Same thing if I right click References in the solution explorer and click Add Reference. That's not all. "File...Open" and "File...Open Project" also fail to throw up an open file dialog box. When attempting any of these actions, the IDE quickly loses and regains focus. Even pre...Read more