colors - How to change Instantiated Objects Font Colour in Visual Studio

I know the colours are changed in Environment > Fonts and Colors but I haven't found out which Display Item the object is.Can someone please tell how I can colour the following code: lblMessage.Text = "You have successfully answered my question!"I have the string coloured pink, I would like the lblMessage purple and the .Text a light green.For me the darker the colour the less it will "change". I won't often change object names, I'll more often change properties and am always changing strings - although I have another question about this that ...Read more

visual studio 2005 - Shapes not visible while drawing on mouse drag C#

I'm a new developer.I'm trying to make a simple program in which we can draw multiple shapes like Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, etc. The problem which I'm facing right now is that when I click the mouse and drag to draw on mouseDown and mouseMove event I'm not able to see the shape. The shape appears on the pictureBox only when I leave the mouse. I want the shape to appear and move with the mouse as the user draws it just like in paint application by Microsoft. I tried using Refresh() function while drawing but it removes the old shapes which was a...Read more

visual studio 2005 - How to convert from XslTransform of VS2003 to XslCompiledTransform of VS2005?

We are currently converting our project from VS2003 to VS2005 and I'm looking for the right way to convert the code using XslTransform to XslCompiledTransform. The changing the class name is not the big deal, but when it comes to usingXslCompiledTransform's Transform method, I have a problem. Before XslTransform's Transform method was accepting XPathDocument object and right now Transfrom method expect XmlReader instead:Here is the code:XslCompiledTransform xslt = new XslCompiledTransform();XPathDocument doc = new XPathDocument(new StringReade...Read more

visual studio 2005 - How can i get the Text from Mouse Right Click?

I use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. And try to programming with C#I have a Textfile with Texts. For Example: D23423P 34L211 5 I copy this Text from the Textfile with Mouse Right Click Copy to use this for my 17 TextBoxs. The TextBoxs has the Label: label1.So i created to label1 a ContextMenuStrip: Paste and Cut:private void pasteToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e){ string tempr = Clipboard.GetText(TextDataFormat.Text); textBox1.Paste(tempr);}If i click Paste the Function, i wanna get the Texts (D23423P 34L211 5 )...Read more

visual studio 2005 - Row yielded no match during lookup SSIS LookUp Issue

I keep getting the error message Error: 0xC020901E at Data Flow Task, Lookup ProjectId [580]: Row yielded no match during lookup. Error: 0xC0047072 at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: No object exists with the ID 880.It does not reoccur in the same spot rather in different places each run. Even when everything is exactly the same through 2 different runs. Sometimes it doesn't even appear visually on a look up, although the error makes it pretty clear that is what's causing it.Can anyone give me some incite to why this might be happening an...Read more

Using Visual Studio 2005 (32bit) on a Windows 7 64bit machine

I need to use Visual Studio 2005 (C++) on my new laptop - a Sony Vaio with Windows 7 64bit..I don't need to develop for a 64bit environment, my work is all 32bit, so how can I be sure that I can still develop/debug/test for a 32bit target environment using VS2005 on a 64bit machine....?What's the best option:1) Just install VS2005 on Windows 7 64bit and carry on.. (suspect problems with 64bit runtime libs..?)2) Dual boot the laptop with Windows XP 32bit.3) Run some kind of Virtual Machine with Windows XP in it... (I don't have a VM yet, but wou...Read more

Information about how many files to compile before build in Visual Studio

How can I figure out, how many files needs to be recompiled before I start the build process.Sometimes I don't remember how many basic header files I changed so a Rebuild All would be better than a simple build. There seams to be no option for this, but IMHO it must be possible (f.e. XCode give me this information).Update:My problem is not, that Visual Studio doesn't know what to compile. I need to know how much it will compile so that I can decide if I can make a quick test with my new code or if I should write more code till I start the "expe...Read more

Keeping Visual Studio Projects on a Network Drive

We just did a move from storing all files locally to a network drive. Problem is that is where my VS projects are also stored now. (No versioning system yet, working on that.) I know I heard of problems with doing this in the past, but never heard of a work-around. Is there a work around?So my VS is installed locally. The files are on a network drive. How can I get this to work?EDIT: I know what SHOULD be done, but is there a band-aid I can put on right now to fix this and maintain the network drive?EDIT 2: I am sure I am not understanding some...Read more

visual studio 2005 - VS2005 Options Generate Method Stub not working

Ok I installed the linq preview(May 2006) and it seems to have screwed me up. Now the one the of the most important features in VS2005 is not working anymore (Options Generate Method Stub (Shift+Alt+F10)). I used to get this message every time I would start a project("This is an unsupported version of Microsoft Visual C# 3.0 / Microsoft Visual Basic 9.0. Therefor, many features may not work as expected.").I uninstalled it and the feature is still not working but the error message is gone now. If you don't know what I'm talking about if you type...Read more

visual studio 2005 - IIS5 - ODBC - Data source name not found and no default driver specified

I’ve got some problem using an ODBC connection with IIS.Here is my config :IIS 5 on Windows XPASP.NET 2.0Oracle 9VS 2005When I try too use my web application on IIS, I’ve got the following exception:ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specifiedBUT, when I use it like a web site in VS2005, I didn’t have any error.So, I’d try to make a very little app, with the following code:using System;using System.Data;using System.Data.Odbc;public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page { pro...Read more

visual studio 2005 - How do I read the registry in 32-bit c# app such that registry redirection works on 64-bit Windows 7

My boss just got Windows 7 and he tried running one of our installers which runs perfectly fine under XP. On Windows 7, the installer runs without giving any errors. However, it does not create registry keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE{Company}{product}. These keys get created correctly under XP.Has anyone encountered this issue? I suspect it is a rights/security issue but I'm not sure and I don't have Windows 7 to experiment with.EDITThe computer in question is a 64-bit machine running 64-bit Windows. It turns out Windows 7 redirect...Read more

Visual Studio 2005 Annoyances

There are a couple of things I find really annoying about Visual Studio. Admittedly, I have a old version so these might be fixed in later versions. I'm writing c++ stuff. Anyway here they are:1) Is there anyway to clear all breakpoints? If I leave breakpoints set, they seem to multiply and get attached to adjacent lines as I add more code. I then have to go in and clear them out one-by-one. 2) Is there anyway to make the text find work better? If I want to find the next occurrence, I have to either do a ctrl F or an EDIT FIND followed by...Read more

Visual Studio 2005 Freezing

I am running Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition and I am having trouble as it is freezing quite a lot.I have the freezing issue when I save files or change what I am doing. By 'change what I am doing' I really mean anything. I might be editing a file and then click on a file in the Solution Explorer and then the IDE will freeze. I might just change between files that I am working (using the file tabs). I would say that the freezing occurs more often when I am working on projects that contain a large number of files.The freezing is very frustrating...Read more