ide - How do I "Add Existing Item" an entire directory structure in Visual Studio?

I have a free standing set of files not affiliated with any C# project at all that reside in a complicated nested directory structure.I want to add them in that format to a different directory in an ASP.NET web application I am working on; while retaining the same structure. So, I copied the folder into the target location of my project and I tried to “add existing item” only to lose the previous folder hierarchy.Usually I have re-created the directories by hand, copied across on a one-to-one basis, and then added existing items. There are sim...Read more

How do I add an existing directory tree to a project in Visual Studio?

The issue is simple really. Instead of creating folders in Visual Studio, I create a directory structure for my project on the file system. How do I include all the folders and files in a project, keeping the structure?If I "Add Existing File" on a folder named Services and navigate to a file in the directory structure .. Services > AccountManagement > CreateAccount.cs, it appears in Visual Studio like so: Services > CreateAccount.cs. I do not want this.I have an entire directory structure worked out already, as I am mimicking our client develo...Read more

Using Git with Visual Studio

As a long-time Visual SourceSafe user (and hater) I was discussing switching to SVN with a colleague; he suggested using Git instead. Since, apparently, it can be used as peer-to-peer without a central server (we are a 3-developer team). I have not been able to find anything about tools that integrate Git with Visual Studio, though - does such a thing exist? What are the technologies available for using Git with Visual Studio? And what do I need to know about how they differ before I begin?...Read more

visual studio - ASP.NET Core Dockerfile default template: "COPY *.sln ./" No source files were specified

I've created a standard ASP.NET core web app using the Visual Studio default template and added Docker support. This creates the following file/folder structure+ Test01 +Test01 -All project files -Dockerfile -Test01.sln files -.dockerignoreThe Dockerfile is created by VS as follows:FROM microsoft/aspnetcore:2.0 AS baseWORKDIR /appEXPOSE 80FROM microsoft/aspnetcore-build:2.0 AS buildWORKDIR /srcCOPY *.sln ./COPY Test01/Test01.csproj Test01/RUN dotnet restoreCOPY . .WORKDIR /src/Test01RUN dotnet build...Read more

entity framework 6 - How to connect to LocalDB in Visual Studio Server Explorer?

I can't believe I couldn't find a working solution to this after an hour of searching. I'm following this article on Entity Framework 6.0 which gives a simple walk-through on Code First. I created the project and installed the latest EF Nuget package for the project to compile. I also verified that I have Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB installed which came with Visual Studio 2013. I don't have any other instances of SQL installed on my local computer. The program runs and entries are added to the database and outputted in the console...Read more

visual studio - Figure out process producing strange debugger output: "Key arival and hook"

On my computer, whenever I press or release a key while using Microsoft Visual Studio debugger, I keep seeing messages like this: Key arival and hook(spelling intended)Pressing and releasing enter, I see messages like this: Key arival and hookKey arival and hookThis is within any app I'm debugging. Virus/spyware software have done scans - not sure what else could explain it.Is there any way to determine the process that is sending these debug messages?I understand this is an edge case question - I figured only programmers would be able to he...Read more

visual studio - How to render an arabic character in OpenGL?

I am able to display chinese character correctly but when I try to display arabic string the output that display in OpenGL scene is different from the arabic string that display in Visual Studio Editor. I know it should be something to do with "Complex Script" but I am not able to find any good example regarding to this matter. I would like to know how to display arabic text correctly?...Read more

visual studio - Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered

I have a Visual Studio 2008 solution with two projects (a Word-Template project and a VB.Net console application for testing). Both projects reference a database project which opens a connection to an MS-Access 2007 database file and have references to System.Data.OleDb. In the database project I have a function which retrieves a data table as follows private class AdminDatabase ' stores the connection string which is set in the New() method dim strAdminConnection as string public sub New() ... adminName = dlgopen.FileName conAdmi...Read more

visual studio - Scheduling Conflict: can only detect conflict with exact time

This is the last problem I have to face in for my capstone project, and it's driving me nuts.Basically, I have to be able to identify if Section/Faculty/Room are all in use when scheduling a subject, to avoid conflicts.Here's what I've worked on, but so far it can only detect when Room is in use. I can't figure out how to be able to prevent scheduling that's in-between time periods. For example: First entry would be 7-8:30AM. Second entry would be 7:30 AM to 9 AM. With the former existing, it should reject the latter but I can't figure out how ...Read more

visual studio - Get SMTP details Outlook

I'm trying to get SMTP details about an account in Outlook 2013/2016 using VSTO but no success at all.My code creates a S/MIME mail "on-the-fly" and, since I cannot simply substitute the original mail body, my approach will be send the S/MIME-created messsage through my own code and delete the original message after.I successfully get all data I need: FROM, TO, message body and SMTP sender's address (eg. ""), but NOT its details, as SMTP-server, port, type (MAPI, LDAP, IMAP and so forth).Does anyone know how to get it from Outlook...Read more