vista64 - Does adplus/cdb crash dumps still work on Vista 64 Ultimate?

I am doing some research on a bug. I tried to get adplus to give me a crash dump file from IIS crashing. I have done this in the past on XP machines, but with my current Vista Ultimate setup - the adplus script doesn't spawn the 2nd window with CDB running. I am running the adplus cmd window with admin priviledges.Used Tess's setup instructions and all went ok. But CDB is never spawned...Has anyone managed to setup adplus/cdb crash dumps for IIS 7 in Vista 64 Ultimate? If so, can you explain how you did it?...Read more

vista64 - Why did Microsoft decide to put 32-bit applications in "Program Files (x86)"?

Might it make more sense to put 64-bit applications into "Program Files (x64)" and leave 32-bit applications to run in "Program Files"?I have a batch file that need to run a Flex compiler. In x64, that program is in "Program Files (x86)". On Windows Vista 32-bit, it's in "Program Files" - environment variables? Check it: ProgramFiles=C:\Program FilesProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86) What do I do?set mxmlc="%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.1.0\bin\mxmlc.exe"if NOT EXIST %mxmlc% set mxmlc="%ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Flex Buil...Read more

vista64 - Share your Vista 64bit experiences

I've got a Dell XPS M1330 with a 2.2ghz processor, 4gig ram, GeForce 8400M, and a 64GB SSD disk.I'm primarily doing web-development, sharepoint development, integration (Microsoft BI tools) and biztalk. I use virtual machines for these purposes. I've been using Vista 32Bit up until now but I'm considering moving to 64bit to squeeze that little extra ram out of the box.I'd like to hear if anyone has been using 64bit vista under the same circumstances and if anything should hold me back. Have in mind that this is the laptop I use at work....Read more