Vinyl siding gap on corner

I'm a computer programmer so this isn't my field, however I am a new home owner... Our new house has vinyl siding, one of the corner prices has what appears to be a 6inch or so gap near the roof exposing the wood beneath. Is there an easy way to push this price back in to place, it seems to have slid down, there is a similarly lengthened surplus at the bottom, also I'm left to wonder if it is standard to not have some method to nail or otherwise pin the piece in to place so it wouldn't slip....Read more

Vinyl Siding Repair Quantities

Installed vinyl siding has missing chunks. I would like to purchase a small quantity to replace the siding. What information do I need to provide to the local supply shop? How is siding material purchase measured? The job needs a very small quantity....Read more

Buying and installing vinyl siding

My house has vinyl siding. I am considering installing vinyl siding on a shed also. How do I find siding to match what I already have on my house? (It is only a year or two old, but installed by the previous owner.) Can I expect to find what I need at the local Lowe's or Home Depot, or are many brands of vinyl siding only sold by specialty retailers or directly to contractors?Looking at my house, there seem to be a lot of different pieces: regular, top, and bottom boards; corner pieces; special pieces around doors, windows, sillcocks, and e...Read more