vb6 migration - Transitioning from VB6 On Error to .Net Try...Catch

Our company has recently transitioned from VB6 to VB.NET. Unfortunately all the error handling remains as On Error GoTo. This has not made it easy to track down errors that customers send back to tech support. As of now, the blocks of code that the On Error surrounds is entire subroutines, not uncommonly hundreds of lines of code for one sub, and possibly making calls to other routines. My question is how to best go about converting to Try...Catch blocks. I assume I can just substitute On Error GoTo Errorline for try and Errorline for catch. Bu...Read more

vb6 migration - How to convert old vb6 project to vb.net in visual studio 2008?

I have an old vb6 project and I want to convert vb6 project code to vb.net in Visual Studio 2008. By using upgrade wizard in vs2008 I opened .vbp(Old vb6) file.It is successfully opened, but I got an error. Please give me the appropriate solution for this. upgrade failed when I tried to convert vb6 project to vb.net using upgrade wizard in visual studio 2008. Plz solve this issue.Thanks in advance....Read more

vb6 migration - IProgressCallBack between VB6 EXE and VB.NET DLL

I am currently upgrading our software from VB6 to VB.NET and doing so one DLL at a time. The EXE will be last since it has a lot of third party UI controls. One issue that I found is that the VB6 version of the DLL housed an IProgressCallBack class that was acting like an interface class (which does not officially exist in VB6) and allowed the EXE to get progress reports from the DLL and display it on the screen for the user.When this DLL is migrated the IProgressCallBack class can be set as an Interface class, but then it cannot be 'Set' to ...Read more

vb6 migration - Updating a VB6 application to .net

I know a lot of questions have been asked about VB6 migration (and I've read most of them), but I'm still not entirely certain on what the best way to go about this is.We have a client that we built an order tracking application for about a decade back and they came to us this week saying they were having some issues with it. The app was written entirely in VB6, which has been something of a hassle as tracking down the necessary tools to work with a project so old took some considerable effort. In an effort to make any future maintenance less o...Read more

vb6 migration - InteropForms class method not visible in VB6

I have built a simple InteropForms class using the project template in VS 2010. It builds successfully and registers the library in the system. I can see it and reference it in VB6 but none of the public methods or properties I add to the class in VS2010 are visible.What am I doing wrong?Imports Microsoft.InteropFormTools<InteropForm()> _Public Class frmWebBrowserPreview Private Sub frmWebBrowserPreview_KeyUp(sender As System.Object, e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventArgs) Handles MyBase.KeyUp If e.KeyCode = Windows.Forms.Keys.E...Read more

vb6 migration - subscripted labels conversion from vb6 to vb.net

i have just started to update a legacy vb6 project to vb.net (I know its late, I know) and I have many screens with labels where they all have the same name ( ie lbl_label()) and in vb6 this is subscripted because the label is not referred in the code. how do I deal with this in vb.net do I really have to create a different label name for each one?Not hard to call it lbl_label1 lbl_label2 etc but will be a tad tedious by the 77th form.TIA...Read more

vb6 migration - Registering GRAPH32.OCX in Windows 10

I have a VB6 .exe I want to run in Windows 10. I have the graph32.ocx, gsw32.dll, and gswdll32.dll files in sysWoW64. Running regsvr32 on graph32.ocx results in the module graph32.ocx failed to load.I moved them all to system32 with the same result. Running the .exe results in the error graphs32.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered. I tried registering in PowerShell as an administrator....Read more

vb6 migration - Cannot create ActiveX component - VB 2008 configuration?

I am upgrading an application, using a Brother label printer, from VB6 to VB 2008 Express on a Windows 7 x64 machine.The examples that Brother gives for using its library are as follows (simplified): Dim objDoc As bpac.Document objDoc = CreateObject("bpac.Document") Dim doc As bpac.DocumentClass doc = New bpac.DocumentClassIn my application (automatically converted to VB 2008) the first example fails, when creating the instance, with "Cannot create ActiveX component" and in the second example "Error 80040154 retrieving COM class fac...Read more

VB5 to VB6 Migration

what is the best way of migrating VB5 to VB6. which version of Visual Studio helps this and what all precautions/considerations we need to take care before migration. Is there any approach notes available anywhere in internet...Read more