I always get confused of using "used to" in a sentence

I've searched about it in Google and it says that I've got to use the word used to in a sentence everytime I talk about past habits or anything I used to do in the past. But I am wondering why this sentence seems incorrect for me. And this is the sentence what I'm talking about I remember when I was young I would always think that i had super powers because everytime used to expect it would definitely come true and if i didnt used to expect it it wouldn't come trueI suppose theres something wrong about this sentence that I made. I think the...Read more

the doubled "to" after "get used"

I was solving a test and came across the following task Don't get used to _____ spoiled all the time. A) getting B) get C) to get D) to gettingI was sure that the correct answer should be A, but the textbook says that D is correct. I'm not a native speaker but doubled "to" seems a bit stange to me.Could you please help me to figure out why that option is really correct (if of course it's true)? Thanks in advance!...Read more

active vs passive - It used to be done

We can say some sentences with "used to" in the Active Voice, but are the Passive Voice ones used with "used to" as well?I used to read those books ---> Those books used to be read by me.She didn't use to drive this car ---> This car didn't use to be driven by her....Read more

I AM used to doing VS I WAS used to doing

What is the difference between "I AM used to doing" and "I WAS used to doing"? I wonder is that correct: I was used to doing = I used to do = means in the past and you are no longer doingand I am used to doing = I get/got used to doing = means you are still used or accustomed to doing it?Examples:He used to cycle to his work.I was used to typing fast.I am used to drinking coffee every morning. She got used to the cold climate.I'm gradually getting used to it....Read more

Specific time with "used to"

I am not sure about using "used to"We use "used to" to talk about our past habits (can I say "late habits" ?), and we cannot use any specific time, so that we talk about past in general. So the question is: can I say "I used to drink coffee in 2010" ?I mean that year in general, during this year I used to drink coffee everyday. Or "I used to drink coffee two years ago?"...Read more

Should "used to" be repeated in a subordinate clause?

When a main clause employs "used to", is it correct to repeat that "used to" in a subordinate clause about the cause or consequence of the main clause action? I have in mind sentences like these:I used to teach my children until they used to undestand.I used to go there when ever he used to come there....Read more

He is "used to seeing" her kiss other men

I understand that we use 'used to' for things that happened regularly in the past.But the following "used to" is different in someway, also the format of verb is ing form. MICHELLE Keegan is adamant her husband Mark Wright doesn’t mind watching her intimate love scenes because he is used to seeing her kiss other men. The SunIs it mean he saw here kissing other man one time? or regularly in the past?...Read more