Unable to unmount /proc

I started customizing live ubuntu cd. I followed all the steps in this post but i am not able to unmount the /proc. Please look @ the below error.. The error says some process where running but i am not able to figure out the process.. Can anyone help ?Errorroot@karthick:/# umount /proc/umount: /proc: device is busy.(In some cases useful info about processes that usethe device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))...Read more

Unmount a desktop

I was attempting to mount a iso file to a file on my desktop but unintentionally I mounted my desktop by mistake. Now my desktop is readonly and I can not fix it. I tried searching but I was unable to solve it. If one could spare some help thank you :)I am new to ubuntu so sorry for my lack of knowledge. EditI used the desktop as a mount point using gmount-iso. Now its readonly....Read more

unmount - How to remove all block device files that no longer have corresponding physical devices attached?

I have a /dev/dm-# block device file and a link to it from /dev/mapper/somename even after detaching the physical device.Is it safe to just use rm on both? Is there a way to rescan physical devices and remove unneeded links in /dev/mapper? And, possibly, reset alphabetic counter for new block devices (as in /dev/sdc)?partprobe isn't helping, and I don't see anything related in blockdev manual....Read more