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feature suggestionIt would be great if there were 2 different searches:standard search (status quo): search in tag names onlyextended search: search in tag names + tag descriptionsThat would make it easier to find some tags.use casesI'll give some examples for aviation.SE:user doesn't know a certain technical term. Standard search for "drone" doesn't find anything. Searching "drone" in descriptions would find unmanned-aerial-vehicle. Same for "oxygen deprivation" instead of hypoxia.user wants to find a health-related tag, but doesn't know which...Read more

unmanned aerial vehicle - What would be a safe minimum vertical separation distance between passenger-carrying multicopter aircraft?

There is increasing talk about employing passenger-carrying multicopters ("taxi drones") to extend urban mobility into the third dimension. These aircraft will have MTOMs in the range of several hundred kgs.In case this catches on on a larger scale, airspace use will increase considerably compared to the current occasional helicopter and sight-seeing flight.For safety reasons, presumably a certain minimum vertical separation will be required due to the downwash from the rotors. Is there any information available about the current thinking on r...Read more

unmanned aerial vehicle - What kind of cameras are onboard high altitude UAVs that aid in its control?

I ask this question in the context of people flying their drones much higher than the usual hobby planes. Satellite based GPS navigated Autopilots using photogrammetry and/ or military drones.What kind of cameras do first-person-view (FPV) pilots use and mount onboard to control the plane, and not for any sensors to collect data/ perform other tasks?...Read more

unmanned aerial vehicle - What are typical airspeeds and lift coefficients for UAVs at different flight stages?

I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to figure out the relationship between airspeed of a fixed wing UAV at different flight stages. What I mean is, I would like to know the order of airspeeds from largest to smallest that would be expected for an aircraft (in particular an UAV with say 5m wingspan) to have during climb, cruise and descent. For example, the answer I'm looking for is something like: from largest to smallest, airspeed is expected to be ordered like this -> cruise>climb>descent (this would be my guess by the way).Also I know that lif...Read more

unmanned aerial vehicle - How can air launched UAV's be decelerated?

I am working on disaster relief drones for a college project. I was thinking about having multiple set of drones launched from an aerial vehicle over the disaster prone area. That's when I came across a big challenge.How would you effectively decelerate a UAV that is air launched from an aircraft which is flying at a much greater speed than the maximum allowable speed of the UAV? The stall speed of the aircraft is much larger than the maximum speed of the UAV (assuming, it has to be a very low cost UAV and hence the idea of having a parachute f...Read more

unmanned aerial vehicle - How much is a QF-16 worth?

Wikipedia lists the prices for F-16 as: F-16A/B: US\$14.6 million (1998)[4] F-16C/D: US\$18.8 million (1998)[4]However, this is clearly outdated, and I suspect that the aircraft in the worst conditions are being used for these conversions.It would be interesting to see a ballpark figure out the actual worth of these drones, excluding and including the conversion process....Read more

unmanned aerial vehicle - What are the failure mode(s) for flying cars in case of power loss?

There seem to be lots of plans (and even some working prototypes) for various autonomous flying cars and flying taxis.Most of these seem to be based on vertical take-off using some variety of an electric quad-copter (or something very similar).Conventional planes can glide in the event of engine failure, and traditional single rotor helicopters can auto-rotate. Both techniques should get the aircraft safely (more or less) down assuming the controls remain effective. What is supposed to happen with a quad-copter based flying car/taxi if the powe...Read more

unmanned aerial vehicle - What type of microcontrollers are used in large scale UAVs?

What type of microcontrollers (in terms of processing power, clock speed) are used in large scale UAVs such as the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator etc. ?Also, are smaller, low powered microcontrollers used for controlling subsystems such as the INS and control surface movements. If so, then in what range does their processing power and clock frequency lie?...Read more