united states - Why is US supporting ISIS in Syria while opposing it in Iraq?

US is supporting the rebels in Syria who are trying to bring down Assad's govt. ISIS is one of the rebels. So directly or indirectly, US is supporting ISIS in Syria.But the same US is opposing the same ISIS in Iraq. why?The only reason I can come up with is that because Syria is Russia-friendly, US is supporting ISIS there, but as Iraq is US-friendly, it opposes ISIS there. So say, if ISIS attacks Iran, US will support ISIS and if it attacks afghanistan, US will oppose ISIS. what are your thoughts?...Read more

united states - What makes Turkey to continue as a major Western ally without much trouble while Pakistan is not?

Turkey is not in good terms with Israel.Turkey has militancy and is persistently unstable in terms of terrorist attacks.Turkey has dictatorial regime.Turkey is negotiating with Russia or China for purchasing missile defense which could undermine NATO's security.Recently, Turkey has alienated the USA in the incidents like Coup d'etat and Syrian crisis..... ... ...On the other hand,USA doesn't sell arms to Pakistan or arms sales is continuously vetted.Lots of sanctions went through Pakistan latest of which is to sanction seven entities related to...Read more

united states - UNSC resolution does not ban Su-30 fighter jet sales to Iran: Russia

Related to this.Russia says UNSC resolution does not ban Su-30 fighter jet sales to Iran, But US Department of State Undersecretary for Political Affairs, Thomas Shannon, claimed that under the resolution, such weapon deliveries “require the submission of relevant notification to the Security Council and this notification’s endorsement by the Security Council.”Question. If Russia decide to deliver the weapon to Iran, then what would be the response of US both to Iran and Russia?...Read more

united states - If Congress refused to raise the debt ceiling, would it force the federal government to balance its expenditures/revenue?

The US continually increases the debit ceiling whenever it is reached. It has been raised over 30 times in the last 30 years. The debt ceiling as explained by the Government Accountability Office is: The debt limit does not control or limit the ability of the federal government to run deficits or incur obligations. Rather, it is a limit on the ability to pay obligations already incurred.Since th US deficit is the difference between expenditures and revenue, and the debi ceiling limits the ability of the US to pay obligations, if the debt ceili...Read more

united states - What exactly are the formal rules around US paying off debt?

Is there a precise set of rules (e.g., very specific law, or court ruling?) that explains what specifically does - or does not give the US executive branch the right to choose to default on specific portions of debt despite having non-empty treasury? "non-empty" here has a very precise meaning: they are paying other non-sovereign-debt liabilities but not servicing debt fully.Please note that I'm NOT at all interested in finance technicalities (e.g. the story line about 3 separate payment systems that are hard to interconnect may be a technical ...Read more

united states - Can the U.S. government cut a check to taxpayers by printing more money?

I'm not talking about open market operations via the Federal Reserve bank, or indirect payments through lower taxes, but rather the U.S Treasury simply cutting checks and mailing them directly to taxpayers at the behest of the President or legislation passed by Congress. To avoid raising the National debt, the U.S. Treasury would fund the payments by increasing the monetary supply (i.e., printing more money).Note: My question isn't quite an exact duplicate of this question, which isn't directly asking if, under certain circumstances, the govern...Read more

united states - Are all refugees vetted as per these guidelines?

I came across this page on the white house website that lists the screening process of refugees in the US:https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2015/11/20/infographic-screening-process-refugee-entry-united-statesDo all those hundred thousand refugees go through this rigorous process?If so what is the need for a stronger refugee laws and control? Is it because this process isn't enough?...Read more

Does Donald Trump have a position on funding of United Nations?

There exists a populist right wing opinion[1] that UN funding from US should be meaningfully diminished (or US should get out of UN, as the more extreme position), due to UN pursuing agenda that is often anti-US-interests.Does Donald Trump have an position on the topic? (either explicit, or inferred by specific cabinet picks?). 2016+ position preferred, but past statements are OK as evidence as well.[1] Examples:WikipediaFox NewsThetower.org...Read more

united states - What will happen if China stops loaning money to the U.S.?

US's external debt to china is a staggering 1.1 trillion US dollars and according to many economists, it's highly unlikely that U.S. will be able to pay back the entire external debt to China in the next 4-5 decades or so. So what will happen if China stops lending money to U.S. as prospects of ever getting back the debt is highly unlikely because of the ever increasing deficit and spending? And is there any other nation other than China which can lend money to U.S. (Seems highly unlikely) ?...Read more

united states - Did Warren Buffett pay a lower rate of income tax than his secretary?

Within the past few months, Warren Buffett has been quoted as saying he only paid 15% income tax while his secretary paid much more (I think the number is 35%, but I could be wrong). This "fact" has been used as an argument for raising taxes on the wealthy. Without having her tax return I know we can only speculate, but are there any clues that can point us to a true or false assumption? The way the US tax code works is on tax brackets, so having an overall tax rate of 35% seems, well, rather foolish (or you need a better CPA)For bonus points, ...Read more

united states - Can the US government garnish 100% of your income?

I was reading a Wikipedia article about Karl Hess. The article contained this quote (emphasis mine): During that time [1967], President Johnson, a Democrat, ordered the Internal Revenue Service to audit him [Hess]. When Hess asked if a certain deduction he had claimed was right, his auditor reportedly replied, "It doesn't matter if it's right; what matters is the law." Incensed that the auditor would show deference to what was "law" over what was "right," Hess sent the IRS a copy of the Declaration of Independence with a letter saying that he ...Read more

united states - Did USA send Federal Reserve System officers to Iran to print cash for Iranian oil

Short introduction: Recetly some russian newspapers talked about airplane, lost in Moscow Sheremetevo airport. And this airplane was claimed to be full of Euros in cash, up to 20 billions (20 000 000 000, 200 wooden pallets with €20bn in €100-notes). There are some english versions of the story: b.insider, news au, rtbh or just google for koroorian motlagh or Farzin Motlagh. But today the RBC Daily posted a story about origin of such amoutns of money and my question is about this publication:(in russian) Россиянин раскрыл тайну самолета с 20 мл...Read more