united states - Why does the U.S grant visas via lottery?

It is reasonable to grant a visa for education or investment but granting it by chance seems odd.I'm not sure if any other country does the same but there should be reason(s) for this (except giving a chance to people from undeveloped countries to have a better life). Some guess:A scientific reason could be bypassing human-made rules (visa rules)which may prevent special kind of people come to U.S, in thisinterpretation lottery visa acts like what mutation does in biology.A reason which if mentioned may cause my first question get closed.Is it ...Read more

united states - Why are Native/Indigenous Americans still called "American Indians" by the U.S. government?

Since European countries started to colonize North America, the indigenous peoples have been referred to as "Indians." I'm assuming this is because, when Columbus landed in the Americas, he expected to land in the East Indies. Afterwards, it was understood that he instead landed on a new continent.So, if it is not politically correct to refer to these people as "Indian," because Columbus did not land in the East Indies, why does the government still use this term for official purposes?...Read more

united states - Why does the US usually send African-American ambassadors to African countries?

A tweet by Graeme Wood said: Randomly selected example: observe how many African-American U.S. ambassadors are sent to "black" countries, how few to Europe: http://www.blackpast.org/african-american-u-s-ambassadors-1869 By my count, 126-16. This is some combination of strange/troubling/scandalousWood claims that it's because many people, including US liberals, think that minorities "must only study themselves". Why does the United States mainly send African-American ambassadors to African countries? And is it an ongoing practice?...Read more

united states - Why is Trump creating more pressure on Pakistan?

According to this report, The Pentagon is warning that the Islamic republic may soon house a Chinese military base. While the U.S. gives Islamabad hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, the two countries are not on the same page when it comes to fighting terrorism or ending the war in Afghanistan.and, according to this, ... attempts to bully Pakistan into submission will only drive Islamabad further towards China, said Ayesha Siddiqa, author and research associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.Now, come to this r...Read more

united states - What does it mean to declare a national emergency under the Stafford Act or the Public Health Services Act?

The Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis issued an interim report. The first and most urgent recommendation of this Commission is direct and completely within your control. Declare a national emergency under either the Public Health Service Act or the Stafford Act. With approximately 142 Americans dying every day, America is enduring a death toll equal to September 11th every three weeks. After September 11th, our President and our nation banded together to use every tool at our disposal to prevent any further American ...Read more

united states - Is the War on Drugs a declared war?

Wikipedia says: ”However, two years prior to this, Nixon had formally declared a "war on drugs" that would be directed toward eradication, interdiction, and incarceration.”I understand that only Congress can constitutionally declare war, but that hasn’t happened since WWII. We’ve been in many “conflicts” in which the rules of war were applicable, such as the “Iraq War”. Although it’s impossible for the U.S. to be at war with a hunk of land called Iraq, we are at war against the people involved with that land.Is the United States government off...Read more

united states - What exactly is Trump's economic policy, and is it consistent with his previous statements?

While the U.S president is threatening our biggest car maker (Toyota), the fact is Toyota is now employing around 30,000 U.S citizens, which is about the same as Chrysler.Trump attacks Japanese car makers "they are selling theirs too many in the U.S and Japanese do not buy enough American cars.".Trump says strong dollar is "killing the U.S" - now this statement is coherent with his car industry policy, because when Yen gets stronger, then we are more capable of accommodating American cars (if there is -- free market).But wait, if the dollar get...Read more

united states - Is there a stated goal in the US "Trade War"?

I'll call it a Trade War, because I don't know that there is a more appropriate phrase. Initially I understood the administration's goal was to stimulate US producers to be more productive, so as to grow the US economy. (build more steel plants etc, put more people to work) A goal that I sense few would complain about. But lately the goal seems to be shifting to reducing trade deficits. Somehow a trade deficit is viewed as "bad". Although, (in my ignorance) I fail to understand why there is something evil about a trade deficit. (BTW, is a trade...Read more

united states - What can Pakistan do; so as to be treated by the USA as an ally with the advantages countries like Japan or South Korea enjoy

What could the Pakistan or the Pakistani Prime Minister do to adjust the nature of the relationship between the USA and Pakistan, such that advantages that firm allies like Japan and South Korea receive are received by Pakistan?Would Pakistan need to abandon its friendship with China or surrender to India's political priorities in the region to achieve this? To be moved to commentary section: As far as I understand, Pakistan needs a total overhaul, from civic sentiment to foreign policy, like the one Mustafa Kemal did it Turkey. But, I don'...Read more

united states - What scope does Title I Fisa have as it pertains to other US citizens not explicitly targeted by the warrant?

Suppose that the FBI obtains a Title I FISA warrant on a John Doe. That is they argue successfully before a FISA judge that there is probable cause to believe that John Doe is a foreign agent. This grants the FBI broad powers to surveil John Doe.To what extent can this authority extend to surveil US citizens who John Doe is believed to have contacted? Presumably if John Doe makes a phone call with another US citizen, that phone call will be recorded under the authority of the relevant FISA statute. But what if John Doe speaks with Jane Doe in a...Read more

united states - Why does the US have laws that they don't enforce but they don't repeal?

The State of Utah appealed the ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Oral argument was held on January 21, 2016. The State of Utah was represented by Parker Douglas. The plaintiffs were represented by George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley, acting pro bono.[23] On April 11, 2016, a three-judge panel of the Tenth Circuit unanimously ordered the district court to dismiss the case on standing grounds.[24][25] Judge Scott Matheson Jr. wrote for the court, and was joined by Judge Bobby Ray Ba...Read more

united states - Why are some politicians saying the Iran Nuclear deal is bad?

I've been hearing about this nuclear deal that was reached with Iran today. It seems to restrict what Iran can do with a nuclear program, and allows international inspectors to perform inspections when there is a suspicion that Iran is doing something against the deal. President Obama has said Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut offHowever, I'm hearing a lot of politicians saying that this is a "bad deal" For example Dick Cheney says: Contrary to what President Obama suggests, this deal will not inhibit the spread of nuclear technology...Read more