How to specify an operation return type in UML Designer?

I've stuck with a small problem designing a class diagram in UML Designer: I can't figure out how to specify a return type for an operation. There is no information about it on UML Designer home site and it's guides. I've tried to explore operation and parameter settings but have found nothing (new parameter creation picture, parameter settings picture, advanced operation settings picture). Can anyone help me, please?...Read more

Uml-Designer Plugin-Installation doesn't work on eclipse

The uml designer plugin installation doesnt work. Eclipse "cannot perform operation", after i choose the uml designer items to install. The installtion results in a error, cannot find the requestet items from the link. the link is the update site link from the homepage.Its like the download link would be broken...any suggestions?Details of the error: Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software being installed: UML Designer with Product Specific Branding (org.obeonetwork.dsl....Read more

uml designer - UMLDesigner – Diagram auto layout

I tried to use UMLDesigner to draw my project related diagrams. I see there is a Arrange functionality that can automatically layout diagram elements and links to save some manual work. But when i used it in my Activity diagrams it designed it upside down.Here is an example. I created following simple activity diagram.And here is how auto layout result for the same model looks like: auto layout.The initial node is at the bottom and the final nodes are on top. But i want it the other way - to start at the top and end at the bottom. Is there a wa...Read more

SysML-Designer: block properties and associations between blocks not displayed

When I create a BDD or open a BDD from the AlarmRadio example no block properties and no associations between blocks are displayed:no properties shownno associations shownConfiguration see below. Same behavior on a Win7-Machine. The documentation doesn't seem to cover that topic. What do I have to do to correctly display properties and associations in bdd diagrams? Windows 10Java 1.8.0_121UML Designer: Sirius 4.1/Neon Win64 downloaded from Designer installed in UML Designer us...Read more