application development - How to install Android Studio in Ubuntu Touch

I'm interested in buying BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition but first I would like to know if it's possible to install Android Studio in it.Since the tablet comes with Ubuntu 15.04 installed and when a keyboard and a mouse are connected it turns into Ubuntu Desktop it would be great to be able to install some development apps like Android Studio but in Android webpage I couldn't find any ARM version of Android Studio.Has anyone tried this Tablet or system and installed Android Studio in it?Also, I've heard that it is possible to install android apks...Read more

ubuntu touch - BQ aquaris 4.5 freezing on start up screen

today i factory reset my phone, worked fine.. then something went wrong again so i factory reset again( highly regret this now!) i was downloading the apps i needed, i was on whatsapp entering my mobile number to set it up finally, then my mobile crashed, i had to turn my mobile off. since then i have not been able to access my phone. i turn it on it goes to the BQ screen then stays there for all eternity. any solution to this?i have removed battery for a few minutes, removed sd card, rubbed battery, all failed.and the only way i can turn the p...Read more

no ubuntu touch templates in qt 5.0.2

I have been using qt for some time now (lastly Qt 4.8), writing some desktop apps. Now I wanted to try doing something on ubuntu touch and so I installed the Ubuntu SDK.What I did was uninstall my regular Qt version that I had (so as not to create any conflict) and ran the sdk ppaeverything installed fine it seemed. No errors warnings or dependencies issues and I indeed have a qt Creator with the Ubuntu SDK. Also I now have version 5.0.2 so all seems fine. Except i do not have any kind of Ubuntu touch templates. Only the Qt desktop templates. I...Read more

Ubuntu Touch change scope "today"

Does anyone knows how to change the content of scope today?The news displayed there are totally unusable for me. I'm from germany and really not interested in news from El Pais or Cinco Dias. Is there a way to add different content? Maybe somewhere in the configs?Would be fine to make my M10 tablet more usable...Cheers, Frank...Read more

Ubuntu phone in 2019

do you have some informations about Ubuntu phone at the moment?I saw few articles about Ubuntu Edge but I thought that it is dead.Also I saw for UBPorts with Ubuntu Touch.I was really interested for project Ubuntu Edge. So my question, is there some idea of ubuntu phones in 2019 or everything is dead?...Read more

android - Ubuntu touch - remote access to device

in our company we developed an android app installed on nexus 7 tablets and on tablet we release to several customers. This app stays in foreground active 24/7 but we have problems in monitoring the devices due to the restrictive access policies of unrooted Android devices. We can't for example reboot the device remotely.We are evaluating the possibility of installing Ubuntu touch to replace android on this tablets.Does Ubuntu touch offer more freedom for the remote access of the device? May I do remotely everything I could do normally with th...Read more

Install ubuntu on meizu Pro5 - ubuntu doesnt boot

I've followed the guide from How to install Ubuntu on Meizu Pro 5 that was originally with Android?All worked fine, but at the end the phone stuck at boot logo "meizu powered by ubuntu".Was also unsure about the comment "do not flash bootloader and recovery", does it mean i have to remove them from the archive? Or only means i should not use the ubuntu-device-flash?Anyway tried both way, the twrp still works. The ubuntu version i've used is the same as from the original chinese guide (ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en) and of course changed the 4 me...Read more

phone - Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition

I'm attempting to locate a Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition Phone so I can find Australian prices, and purchase.All the sites I've been to in an attempt to locate a Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition Phone, state that the Operating System is Android Operating System version 5.1 series of Lollipop.See this site as an exampleWhat's going on?...Read more

phone - BQ Aquaris Ubuntu ed SIM cards not recognized anymore

I have been using a BQ Aquaris 4.5 Ubuntu edition for almost a year and had no problem with it. I never tweaked it in any way (unless you consider updating with OTA a tweak) but two weeks ago, I decided to change the SIM card in use for data (as I often had done already) and it deactivated my SIM cards (as always) but never reactivated them. I thought the problem was a SIM card problem since I had done nothing unusual to my phone (not even updating) before the problem happened so I bought a new SIM card which arrived today (the other one is sti...Read more

android - Ubuntu touch os in Micromax A110 Canvas 2

I am trying to install ubuntu in my micromax mobile.Reference linkafter execute below command,terminal scree stuck in "Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting"$ ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu --bootstrapis there any other way to install ubuntu in micromx mobile(V 4.4.2) or any suggestion ?...Read more