rendering - TYPO3: How could I add css and js files via controller initialize action and page renderer?

I am using the new page renderer from TYPO3 8 on controller level to add extension specific css and js files via an initializeAction:public function initializeAction(){ $extPath = ExtensionManagementUtility::siteRelPath( $this->request->getControllerExtensionKey() ); $extJs = $extPath . 'Resources/Public/Js/ext_booking_manager.min.js'; $extCss = $extPath . 'Resources/Public/Css/ext_booking_manager.css'; /** @var PageRenderer $pageRenderer */ $pageRenderer = $this->objectManager->get(PageRenderer::class); ...Read more

relationship - TYPO3 : StorageObject of related SubModels is empty in Extbase CommandController?

I have a domain model, which has several 1:n relations to submodels.Everything is fine when I open a related recordset in the TYPO3-BE, but if I get this object via repository => findByUid(), the ObjectStorages for those SubModels are empty. What may be the reason ? I checked all DocHeaders, and all ObjectStorage DocHints include the correct domain-model class.I use TCA setup to set my own db-tablenames. Do I have to initialize those global settings in my controller before somehow maybe !?Best regards and thanks in advance, Oliver...Read more

teamspeak - Using TS3 PHP framework in TYPO3 Extension

I'm trying to write a simple extension which uses the Teamspeak3 PHP Framework( just for showing the "Teamspeak3_Viewer_HTML" Element in the Frontend after giving the information like servername, port etc to the backend plugin.The problem is: how to use the "external" php framework in my extension? I put the whole framework source in my extension folder, so i have typoconf/ext/myExtension/Libraries/Teamspeak3...then I try to use it in my controller action<?phpnamespace Sc\Ts3view\Controller...Read more

TYPO3 Fluid File Collection Metadata

I want to access files and associated metadata from a folder based file collection, but debug says metaDataLoaded=false and metaDataProperties is empty. Here my code fluid code from my DCE:{namespace dce=ArminVieweg\Dce\ViewHelpers}<f:layout name="Default" /><f:section name="main"> <f:for each="{field.fileCollection}" as="collection"> <f:debug>{collection}</f:debug> <f:for each="{collection.items}" as="item"> <f:format.html>{}</f:format.html> <f:d...Read more

TYPO3 extension update DCE 1.1 to 1.2 - rte fields are missing

I have updated the extension DCE from 1.0.4 to 1.2.5 as described in (TYPO3 6.2). After updating all field which are rte-fields named "text" are missing in backend and also in frontend no text ist shown. but in database the text is still available, because if I add once more the text-field, the rte-field is shown in backend and text is also shown in frontend. Has somebody an idea what went wrong?Martin...Read more

typo3 - DCE Container Loop

I'm using the excellent DCE Extension and want to loop twice in the Container through the Child-DCEs using the fields of each Child.In Pseudocode something like this:Container Template: <div id="foo"><f:for each="{dces}" as="dce"> {dce.fields.title}</f:for></div><div id="bar"><f:for each="{dces}" as="dce"> {dce.fields.bla}</f:for></div>How can I do that?...Read more

typoscript - TYPO3 DCE to TYPO3FLUX

Hello guys im totally new to TYPO3 and I received a task to rewrite the DCE syntax to flux. Can anybody explain it to me how it works? do I need flux for each? <f:for each="{dce:fal(field:'image', contentObject:contentObject)}" as="fileReference"> <vhs:resource.image identifier="{fileReference.uid}" treatIdAsReference="1" as="image1"> <vhs:variable.set name="imageSrc1" value="{image1.0.source}" /> </vhs:resource.image></f:for>...Read more

typo3 - Add additional source to Image for further actions

im trying to add an additional source to the dce-image for further actions e.g. an alternate source to perform some JavaScript actions.The wanted output should look like this:<img src="path/to/foo.png" data-altsrc="path/to/bar.png">The problem is the dce i'm using - its iterating through the "images" like this:<f:for each="{dce:fal(field:'image', contentObject:contentObject)}" as="fileReference"> <f:image src="{fileReference.uid}" treatIdAsReference="1" /></f:for>So if I would insert multiple images to this I have no ...Read more

typo3 plugin with non-editable tables

I want to create a Typo3 plugin that can be used as a content type on pages (i.e. FE plugin), without any user input. The plugin would generate content from additional tables in the typo3 database. The content for these tables is inserted outside of typo3.From what I understand, I have to do the following:ext_tables.php: The TCA configuration is used for configuring how fields can be edited in the Back End. Since the user must not enter any data, I will not need thisext_tables.sql: Write the CREATE statements for my tables. This will update the...Read more

TYPO3 v6: How to include a custom user table?

Disclaimer: I am quite new to the CMS & Typo3 world, so if there are any points that I'm missing, please feel free to edit.I want to import content from an already existing database to make it manageable by Typo3: perform searches using search form, and (ultimately) edit it through Typo3 backend modules.From my current state of research, Typo3's standard content is stored into "tt_content", and to add other tables, it is necessary to play with the so-called $TCA array (see Typo3 TCA reference)Fortunately, the so-called Kickstarter extension...Read more

Typo3: remove Email attachment size limit

I have an contact form on the website with the possibility to add an attachment to the email. It's a normal form configured like this:Position* | *Position=inputName* | *Name=inputVorname* | *Vorname=inputFirma | Firma=inputStrasse | Strasse=inputPLZ / Ort | PLZ_Ort=inputLand | Land=inputTelefon G | Telefon_G=inputTelefon P | Telefon_P=inputMobile | Mobile=inputEmail* | *Email=inputWebsite | Homepage=inputIhre Nachricht | Ihre_Nachricht=textarea,,5CV | attachment1=file, 4096000 | formtype_mail=submit | html_enabled=hidden | 1 | subject=hidden |...Read more

TYPO3 - Translation doesn't show, always default language

(TYPO3 loading default language instead of translation) -> same story, but I can't fix it. I do not have much experience in TYPO3 and I have the following problem at the moment.Standard language is Dutch and I want a French translation. I have already translated a menu + page into French.When I click on 'FR' (French) in the language select menu, the URL of index.php? Id = 215 & L = 0 changes to index.php? Id = 215 & L = 1, but the content remains in Futch.I have srt_languagemenu installed and configured so that when the translation is n...Read more

typo3 - cal: Indexer for recurring events not working

cal 1.11.1 in TYPO3 7.6.22the backand module cal indexer is working as expected, all recurring events will bi written in the database. but the scheduler task Indexer for recurring events (cal) does not work. I filled out with all necessairy data: Folder with cal data, page with calendar plugin, index start and stop. When i manuelly start the indexer i get this error: Execution of task "Indexer for recurring events (cal)" failed with the following message: PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /typo3_src-7.6.22/typo3/sysext/fr...Read more

Typo3 foreign_table & foreign_table_where in TCA

I am struggling with the following problem. I have two database tables, "Books" and "Category". I am getting all the data from "books"-table via Sysfolder in Backends List-view for editing, sorting and controlling them. What I would like to get, is that there would be in that list view also the name of the category where the book belongs.In "Books"-table there is a field foreign-key "category_id" which defines that for which category the Book belongs. I have tried via this "category_id" to get the name of the Category in List-view of the Books....Read more