Microsoft Teams App, Typing indicator duration

In a Microsoft Teams app built using App Studio, is it possible to control the how long the typing indicator should be shown to the user? Via code or any other means. Please point me to any documentation other than more

Is Dvorak typing appropriate for programming?

I'm always looking for ways to be more productive, and I've been reading a lot about typing using a Dvorak keyboard.It looks like this would be much more productive for writing normal prose, but what about for programming?I'm skeptical that it would be effective, since the use of semicolons, colons, brackets, and ampersands are much more common in programming than they are in every day typing.Has anyone had any experience with this?...Read more

Compiled implementation and dynamically typing system of a programming language

I was looking at this post about differences between statically and dynamically typed language and a comment pointed out to the following definition taken from this reference: Static typing is very often misunderstood to mean that values are associated with types at CompileTime, when instead it means that that a ReferenceValue is manifestly (which is not the same as at CompileTime) constrained with respect to the type of the value it can denote, and that the language implementation, whether it is a compiler or an interpreter, both enforces and...Read more

What are some examples where dynamic typing is preferred to static typing?

Let's take a simple function that increments an integer: Static typing: function incrementNumber(int n) { n = n + 1;} Dynamic typing: function incrementNumber(n) { if (type of n != int) { throw Error; } n = n + 1;} These achieve the same thing, but the dynamic approach is way uglier and longer because of the "type checking" that's required. I've seen a lot of programmers use this approach and it makes me wonder what exactly are the benefits of a dynamically typed language, since most functions will need a parameter...Read more

What typing system does BASIC use?

I've noticed that nowhere I can find can give me a definitive answer to the question above. I first wondered about this when I noticed that you never had to state the type of variable in QBasic when declaring them, although you could add a suffix to the name of a variable to make sure it was of a particular type.Also, as some dialects of BASIC are interpreted and others compiled, does this affect the typing system?...Read more

typing - Increasing WPM - High End

We've had this question already, but I want to narrow it down to already high-speed typists. The original poster had hit a barrier of 75 WPM and wanted to increase his speed. I'm at a barrier where I can reliably type around 130, and I can sometimes hit 150, probably depending on the distribution of words in the text. I feel that methods to increase speed from this high end to higher might be different than going from 30 to 60, or even 75 to 100. Anybody have any suggestions?...Read more

typing - How to type faster

I've typed around 75wpm for the last few years but I've always wondered how people type +100wpm. I've searched but I primarily find typing tutors that teach you to type.. not teach you to type faster. So far the only tip I've come across is to learn dvorak. Are there exercises or tips to help break through the 75wpm wall?...Read more

typing - row type polymorphism vs TypeScript

I'm trying to understand what are capabilities of row type polymorphism.Most articles/posts I saw were written before even TypeScript came out. All things I saw so far, can be done with TypeScript, even as old as 2.2 (current is 3.5) and TypeScript correctly derives types even without annotations (hover a variable to see its derived type):Change propertyAdd propertyThe only problem I see is that after a few such applications type declarations displayed to user become cumbersome.Actual question: are there any more advanced examples of row polymo...Read more

What is the name of the service or job title for typing handwritten manuscripts?

I was thinking about paying someone to type up the handwritten pages of my novel, so that I can go straight to the editing process. (I prefer first drafts to be with pencil.). This way I can juggle more projects. For some reason I assumed this specific job was a transcriptionist, but that is technically for speech. Or am I wrong? Does anyone know what service to whom I can send my handwritten pages and they will type it for a fee?(I understand this may have been asked; I looked but did not find my exact query. My apologies in advance for such a...Read more

typing - What are the major differences between row polymorphism and subtyping

I hear often that row-polymorphism is a better approach than subtyping, but I have difficulty finding anything comparing them in detail. I'm especially interested in the perspective of a user of the system.I did come across this blog post, but it leaves me with more questions than before. For example, it makes a claim that a system with subtyping will assign one type, whereas a system with row typing will assign another; does that mean that if a system that purportedly has subtyping assigns the "row typing" type, that it purports incorrectly?Th...Read more

typing - Identification and the definition of data type

A frequently cited definition of data type is that it is a set of values and a set of operations of those values.I've never read any mention along the lines of a type must be capable of being identified, although the programming languages I've encountered use names to distinguish different types.Is the use of identifiers then just a convenience for the programmer? In principle, couldn't you just replace the identifier with the type definition each time it was needed?Are there any programming languages that don't use named types?And, if so, what...Read more

typing - Is type inference done by an interpreter static or dynamic?

Type inference can be done by a compiler, and in such cases, type inference is static.Type inference can also be done by an interpreter. An interpreter does the jobs of both compilation and execution. So is type inference done by an interpreter static or dynamic?This question is an example that motivated my question Does "static" or "dynamic" imply a compiler or interpreter implementation of a programming language? at a more general level....Read more

typing - Polymorphism restriction on lambda-bound variables in HM

I'm trying to implement the Hindley-Milner type system, following Milner 1978, "A Theory of Type Polymorphism in Programming" (link). In the Hindley-Milner system, a polymorphic let-bound expression may take on a different type each time it is referenced. For example, we can have let id = (λx · x) in (id 3, id true) where id has type α → α with two instantiations, α = int and α = bool. However, the variable of a lambda expression is not permitted to be polymorphic in this way: λf · (f 3, f true) is not a well-typed expression.To prevent this re...Read more

typing - Problem writing on a keyboard properly

I have a problem. For many years of playing games, I've developed a strange habit; I write with all the fingers on my left hand, which is very nice. however, I only write with two fingers on my right hand. All this is from playing games where I constantly had to move my right hand from the mouse and back to the keyboard.I've previously tried to get rid of this behaviour, but it is proving difficult, even with following various Touch-Typing exercises. I write okay fast, but I would still like to use a prober system. Do any of you have a techniqu...Read more