typescript1.7 - How do I import/reference/require a transpiled TypeScript file?

I have created a myLib.min.js/myLib.d.ts file combination from my TypeScript project using AMD module type, ES5 target and TypeScript 1.8 --outFile parameter. The --outFile parameter results in concatenating all the transpiled .js into one single myLib.js file and a corresponding myLib.d.ts file.The two generated files myLib.min.js/myLib.d.ts are supposed to be deployed.Now I want to utilize my deployment in another TypeScript project. I'm using SystemJS to load the modules and a web page to host the loader.The JavaScript on the web page is sup...Read more

typescript1.7 - Declare that a method throws error in typescript?

The following doesn't compile with error "a function whose declared type is neither void nor any must return a value or consist of a single throw statement".Is there a way to make the compiler recognize that _notImplemented throws an exception?function _notImplemented() { throw new Error('not implemented');}class Foo { bar() : boolean { _notImplemented(); }The only woraround I can see is to use generics. But it seems kind of hacky. Is there a better way?function _notImplemented<T>() : T { throw new Error('not implemented');}class F...Read more