rtx - TwinCAT 3 or IntervalZero

I intend to test EtherCAT communication for a new board (assume the name is XYZ). So I plan to make XYZ as the Slave and connect to a master. To make life easier for me, I decided to go with TwinCAT 3 or RTX64 as the Master on my own PC (with Windows and quad-core xeon cpu). 3 questions. 1. Which one of these softwares is better and why? Example -In terms of modularity, further projects, compatibility (both software and hardware), matlab integration, costs (unforeseen too) and so on (can be more than what I mentioned). 2. Can I configure an Et...Read more

twincat - If a VAR_INPUT is of INTERFACE type, is the value pass-by-reference or pass-by-value?

In the TwinCAT and CodeSys IEC-61131 programming environments, it's possible to declare POU VAR_INPUTs using an INTERFACE as a type specification. I believe the support for interfaces in TwinCAT and CoDeSys is an extension to the standard IEC-61131 language definition.Question 1: When the POU is invoked, do interface VAR_INPUTs have pass-by-value (i.e. the input FB's state is copied on each execution of the called FB) or pass-by-reference semantics?Question 2: Where is this behaviour specified or documented?...Read more

Running TwinCAT 3 ADS Only (without XAR)

I have a working C project which communicates with local or remote TwinCAT 3 systems using ADS C API (online examples work well too).However, we are now trying to deploy the program to a different machine which only has TwinCAT ADS installed (as explained here under "Installation of TwinCAT 3 ADS only"). We have added routes on both machines. To simplify testing, we even disabled the firewall completely on both the ADS machine and the runtime machine. But I am still unable to get the data back to the application.The error I am getting from the ...Read more

twincat - Signal when Notepad closes

I'm trying to recognize when a Notepad session closes so that I can run a program every time this occurs. I am using a Windows Embedded Standard 7 environment developing with TwinCAT3 which is cast inside of Microsoft Visual Studio. Does anyone know of a way to catch when a session closes?...Read more

TwinCat Run Mode failing to start with adswarning 4131

I am trying to start a twincat project on my pc in order to debug it. I've disabled the EtherCAT device and isolated a CPU on my windows 10 with an 8-core ADM processor. After trying to start the run mode, I get a fatal error on the target system. With following message: 'TwinCat System' (10000): Sending ams command >> Init4 RTime: Start Interrupt: Ticker started >> AdsWarning: 4131 (0x1023, RTIME: Intel CPU required) << failed!I've searched the internet and am not able to find a solution to this problem. There seems to be little inform...Read more

Variable links problem in TwinCAT 3 on windows 10

I am using TwinCAT 3 on Windows 10, and create a PLC project in visual studio 2013 shell(isolated). When I try to link an output variable to an input variable by “Change Link”, there is always no avaible variable to be linked. The pop-up window is as following:Attach Variable pop-up windowWhat may be the problem?...Read more

FB_FileGets vs FB_FileRead in twincat

There are two similar function for reading file in twincat software for Beckhoff company. FB_FileGets and FB_FileRead. I will be appreciate if someone explain what are the differences of these function and clear when we use each of them. both of them have same ‌prerequisite or not, use in same way in programs? which one has better speed(fast reading in different file format) and any inform that make them clear for better programming.vs...Read more

TwinCAT 3 user control

Is it possible to create a library with Hmi usercontrols?https://infosys.beckhoff.com/english.php?content=../content/1033/te2000_tc3_hmi_engineering/18014401986701963.html&id=I have created a librarie for the plc with functionblocks and datastructs.My usercontrols are mathed with my plcLib. And it would be nice if can use this set-up in every project...Read more

twincat - TwinCAT3 AdsWarning 4115: system clock setup fail

I've got problem with TwinCAT3 (Win10 64bit) when I try to active TC3.Error message is : Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error 19-Jan-19 11:42:34 AM 545 ms | 'TwinCAT System' (10000): Sending ams command >> Init4\RTime: Start Interrupt: Ticker started >> AdsWarning: 4115 (0x1013, RTIME: system clock setup fails. Hint: On Windows8 system and above execute win8settick.bat in TwinCAT\3.1\System as administrator and reboot.) << failed!I also try to run "win8settick.bat" and reboot TC but it does...Read more

twincat - Twincat3 Missing properties

I am working on a really simple project and I created a visualisation.I tried editing the onClick action on a button but i do not have the option under InputConfiguration. The only options that I have are onMouseUP and onMouseDown.I don't know if there is any license problem or any updates that I don't have....Read more

Twincat run mode error 1861

After trying to start the run mode, I get a fatal error on the target system : Init7\IO: Set State TComObj PREOP OP >> AdsWarning: 1861 (0x745, ADS ERROR: timeout elapsed) Anyone of you know how to fix it??...Read more

TwinCAT crashes showing Debug: CSysService::SysUnhandledExceptionFilter(); Addr:770A2092 Code:C0000005

TwinCAT crashes every now and then with the following message in the eventlogDebug: CSysService::SysUnhandledExceptionFilter(); Addr:770A2092 Code:C0000005Search on Google reveals nothing about why this is happening, how to troubleshoot this or even what CSysService is or what the SysUnhandledExceptionFilter method is doing. My guess is that an access violation is happening which is unhandled.I'm hoping that someone here can help me determine if this is caused by our own code or if this is a problem of TwinCAT itself. And hopefully get some poi...Read more