translation check - Invitation to a thesis defence

I'm preparing invitations to my thesis defence and I thought writing the invitations in Latin (as a joke). However my Latin is very poor. A friend of mine helped me, but I doubt it is very good.English original: Francis kindly requests your company at the defence of his doctoral thesis, "Spectral tuning of light-sensitive proteins explained through electrostatic theory", on an undetermined date at the end of the year 2018, at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Saarstr. 21, followed by a cold buffet diner at the kitchen of the institute o...Read more

Translation check: propter scientiae amorem

The good people over at latindiscussion have been helping me with a project I'm working on. Now that I'm nearly finished, I would like to double check the results.Take the motto:"propter scientiae amorem"Please tell me:How does this translate to English? (Please, no machine translations.)Is it grammatically correct?Is it too ambiguous to be understood?Thank you for your help....Read more

translation check - How do you translate "Who connected you to the world"?

I need to translate the sentence "Who connected you to the world" in Latin. The sentence is not meant to be a question, its more like "[He] Who connected you to the world". The idea in the way it is written in English is that one would assume that it is a question but just missing the question mark. Is there a way to translate "Who connected you to the world" so that it would could be interpreted as both a sentence and a question missing the question mark? I tried using Google translate to translate the sentence from English to Latin and it gav...Read more

translation check - "reges stellae" or "reges astrum" to evoke self-confident "Star Kings"?

I am writing a story about three "space cowboy" types who call themselves "Star Kings." They are full of confidence to the point of arrogance. They also see their adventures as a path to glory and accompanying fame.EDIT: They consider themselves kings of all the stars.I have an acronym in mind that would add to the story. The initials R.A. for "reges astrum" would help the story if I could add those initials to the acronym. From what I know / have researched, "astrum" would capture the ideas of "star" and "glory" and "constellation" I want...Read more

motto - Translation check: Servo libertatem vivere quate - Fortis est splendor infirma

I am creating a patch for my fictional team of heroes from the Terran Defense Force and I need to know if this translation is completely off or not. I had to use machine translation so I need an expert vetting. Original text: Keeping the torch of freedom alive — The Strong Protect the weak Translated text: Servo libertatem vivere quate — Fortis est splendor infirmaI am asking here because I don't really have a lot of cash to throw around as converting my stories from shorts to comicbooks are sucking up a lot of my resources.Th...Read more

translation check - Gerundive Confusion

North & Hillard Ex. 196: the following is to be translated into Latin: "He (Hannibal) had almost reached the top of the Alps, when some old men came to him in the guise of envoys. The misfortunes of others, they said, had been a warning to them, and they preferred to make trial of the friendship rather than the might of the Carthaginians, and were ready to do whatever he wished. Hannibal, considering that he must not rashly either trust or slight them, accepted them as guides,"The tricky part (Answer Book): "...quos Hannibal duces quidem ac...Read more

translation check - Translating "I too can write in Latin"

I want to translate this short sentence to Latin: I too can write in Latin.I mean that there are also others who know Latin, not that I can write in other languages or that I can speak Latin.Here is my translation attempt: Ego quoque Latīnē scrībere possum.Is this short sentence correct? But I'm not sure if it's correct. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated....Read more

Help with Latin translation from a 17th century ecclesiastical Latin book

The book is Panoplia Clericalis, and the passage I'm having difficulty with (which I suspect is much easier than I think) is, from page 602: De colorum mixtione, qui differunt, ex varia eorum commixtione omnis ferè generis colores fieri posse existimant.Which looks a bit like: As far as a mixture of colors which are different, they(?) consider that from varying mixtures colors of nearly every kind can be made.I'm not sure who "they" are, though. I'm wondering if I could translate that by something like "they say" rather than "they cons...Read more

translation check - Asking for advice ("this or that" question)

Sentence to translate: Would you recommend me to read a book or to go for a walk if I asked you for advice?My attempt: Librum legere aut deambulationem ire me commendes si te ut consilium quaeram?Is usage of legere and ire correct here?I used present subjunctive for commendes and quaeram, is that ok?Is commendare correct word?Does ut consilium mean for advice or should for be translatem using different word than ut?Would petere be better than quaerere here?Are there mistakes not covered in previous questions? Do you have some other idea how t...Read more