trail of cthulhu - What is the minimum number of players you can run Eternal Lies for with little/no adapation? - Rol

I am considering running the Eternal Lies campaign for Trail of Cthulhu. However, I might only have three players and am concerned that this might be an issue. Having looked at the campaign I cannot see where it states a minimum number of players, and as this would be my first time running Trail of Cthulhu, I do not know what would and would not work.So, my question is - What is the minimum number of players you can run Eternal Lies for without having to make significant changes to the written material?...Read more

trail of cthulhu - Destroying pillars of sanity - Rol

In Trail of Cthulhu characters have three Pillars of Sanity. As their Sanity drops, these can 'crumble from within' and are lost. Is there a mechanic for pillars to be destroyed without the dropping of Sanity? I have a PC who has 'the theory of evolution' as one of their pillars. They've just seen something so alien that it is impossible for the theory to explain it. However, they passed an associated Stability check when they saw the monstrosity. Does this mean that they've effectively managed to fit what they've seen into their understanding ...Read more

How can I reward Cthulhu characters for going mad? - Rol

I like it when, in Cthulhu games, Investigators go mad. With that in mind, I'd like to give some reward for the first Investigator to go mad.For example, perhaps, at the beginning of the next game, the player whose Investigator went mad first in the last game gets first choice of character.I'd like something I can use both in Trail of Cthulhu and Call of Cthulhu. I'd also like something that affects the game, something more than just a social reward (a social reward would be, for example, getting the last beer). Any ideas?...Read more