track racing - Are velodromes symmetrical?

This question establishes why velodromes all operate in an anticlockwise direction. Are velodromes designed this way, to make the left hand turn easier, or would it be just as easy to cycle clockwise around them?Specifically: are there two lines of symmetry in the shape of the velodrome, one through the pursuit finish line in the middle of the straights and the other through the middle of the bend? Is this true for all velodromes?Source: about 15 years ago I used to ride lots at Manchester velodrome, and I remember someone claiming this from ar...Read more

track racing - Velodrome atmospheric conditions

During the Olympics the commentators made a big deal about the need to maintain very specific atmospheric conditions in the velodrome, including having airlocks to enter and exit the building. They stated that the atmosphere is very warm, and humid. Why are those precise conditions needed for velodrome events? My suspicion is the high temperature lowers the air density and thus lowers wind resistance but that's purely a guess. I've no idea what the humidity levels would do to help, surely that would increase the air density again! Also, wit...Read more