How to get Belgium tourist visa (family visit visa) with maximum validity?

I will be moving to Belgium next month on work permit and later after couple of months I want to bring my mother too.I know tourist visa ( purpose - family visit) will be provided with maximum 90 days validity. What is the required procedure to get visa with maximum validity.Is it okay if I book return ticket on 80th day from her date of arrival and provide necessary financial supporting documents for all the 80 days of her stay will be fine....Read more

What are the restrictions on repeat visits to Israel when no tourist visa is required?

Suppose you have a passport of a state from which you can visit Israel as a tourist without first obtaining a visa. AFAIK your tourist visit may last up to 3 months. Now suppose you leave Israel (without overstaying), and want to come back in. I assume you can't just leave for 5 minutes and then come back in for another 3 months, repeatedly, right?So, my question is: What are the restrictions on repeat entry, and for how long are you thus restricted?Note: I'm asking both about formal legal restrictions and about what happens in practice (e.g. w...Read more

How to demonstrate ties to home country for a UK tourist visa?

I am hoping to get some advice with my application for a tourist visa in the UK.I applied for a tourist visa last December 2017 and it was rejected because I wasn't able to demonstrate strong ties to my country. Also, I stated on my application that my boyfriend invited me to visit him and indicated that I will be staying with him for 3 months (I just learned how this information might have hurt my application as well). I wasn't able to submit enough documents to prove my relationship with him and that he has enough funds to sponsor my stay in ...Read more

Philippines visa on arrival with Singapore eVisa

I am a citizen of India. I have a Singapore 35-day multiple-entry visa. Am I eligible to get a visa on arrival in the Philippines, without going to Singapore on this visa? Is it mandatory to go to Singapore on this eVisa once to get a visa on arrival in the Philippines?I've never been to Singapore or Philippines before.I have a confirmed return ticket....Read more

tourist visas - Can I include both business and tourism in one Schengen application?

I am going to visit Berlin for business purposes for 3 days.However, I want to visit other Schengen states as well for 10 days approximately.On the application checklist, they are asking for flight and hotel reservations.Do I give them booking details for the whole trip?If they found that I am mixing business and tourist purposes, are they going to reject my application?...Read more

Return flight is 31 days after arrival, Egypt visa-on-arrival is 30 days, will I be allowed to board?

I have a return ticket from Germany (Frankfurt) to Egypt (Cairo). The return date is 31 days after the arrival date. The tourist visa-on-arrival is 30 days for German citizens.Presently my plan is not to apply for a 90 day tourist visa before hand.I intend leaving Egypt via Sudan overland. I do not know how long I will be in Egypt. My plan was to extend my visa in Egypt if this is necessary.I am flying Egypt Air.QuestionsWill I be allowed to board the aircraft without a visa?Or should I get a 90 day visa before departure?Or should I change the ...Read more

rental - Renting a house on a tourist visa in the UK

I need to provide proof of address. So the best way is to hire a house or a flat.I have a UK tourist visa. Am I eligible to rent a house while I am in UK, so that I can get a proof of address?I will not live in the UK, and will go back to my country. I am just trying to rent to get a proof of of address. So I am looking for a short-term rental if possible as a tourist....Read more

backpacking - Can you re-enter Peru on a travel visa?

Me and a friend are traveling in South America for 2 months, traveling from Lima, to Bolivia (La Paz) to Chile (San Pedro) then back into Peru via Tachna to fly out from Lima on the 18th of July. We both have UK (english) passports and are getting concerned that we may not be able to re-enter Peru. We cannot find anything online that can help, does anyone know specifically about the legislation?...Read more