air travel - How to fly on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

Sooo, the new Dreamliner has had its inaugural flight.The first flight was from tokyo to hong-kong.In a bit of competitive fun, a friend and I are trying to beat one another to ride it (he beat me to the A380 - I've still not been on one).Is there a list of the routes as they open up for it? Not that I'll be able to do it any time soon, but nothing like a bit of forward planning... ;)EDITThere are about 850 pre-orders for the plane, so with @Roflcopter's 328 below, I'm still missing over 500. More to be found!...Read more

disney - most popular rides at disneyland tokyo

To make the most of a Disneyworld trip it's often advisable to wake up early and be at the park right when they open. Get the super popular rides out of the way right when the park opens, before the lines start to build up, and then do the less popular rides later in the evening.In order to make this work, however, you have to know what the popular rides are.For Disneyworld there are websites like and books like Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2019 that are updated every year with t...Read more

tax refunds - Tax exemption in Tokyo

I'm from India and I visited Tokyo recently. This was my first foreign trip. At Haneda International Airport I bought a few items and tax was exempted for foreign buyers when I showed my passport but they attached the bill and a slip in my passport. What should I do with that bill now? Can I remove it or should it be in my passport forever? I thought when I reach India, Customs people would check and remove it but there was no customs check. So, what do I do with it now?...Read more

disney - Does Tokyo Disneyland appeal to adults?

Does Tokyo Disneyland have anything for adults, or is it all basically for kids? Disney World in Florida seems to cater to both adults and kids, though different parts of Disney World tend to balance this differently. (For instance, Magic Kingdom vs. Epcot.) One Japanese family I know has basically said that the Land park in Tokyo's Disneyland is more childish, but that the Sea park is much better for adults. But that's just one word of mouth that's hard to research accurately. So how good is it for adults, and does it matter which park yo...Read more

Can large international mail be sent from any post office in Tokyo?

I will be traveling to Tokyo this month for the World Kendo Championship. After the competition I intend to continue traveling through Japan, and I would rather not bring the Kendo equipment with me as I have no further plans to practice. The easiest solution would be sending it home.That means sending a large package (~20 kg) internationally from Tokyo (through surface mail).Can I do this at any post office or is this service only offered at specific locations?Specifically, I am interested in this post office. I wasn't able to find anything on...Read more

How to enjoy the Tokyo nightlife?

I'm attending a conference in Tokyo (Bunkyo-ku district) in June. However, the hotel was full for the last night. That means after the conference and networking is finished, I will have a night to spend until 6 AM, at which time the airport bus service departs to the airport. My flight after that will take almost 12 hours, so I will have enough time to catch sleep.There are a few options I can think of to do in this time:Get another hotel for those few hours.Try to get to the airport in the evening, and sleep at the airport.Enjoy the Tokyo nigh...Read more

Miraikan visit and luggage storage possibility in Tokyo Shinkansen station?

I'll be leaving from Kyoto to Tokyo on Saturday morning, 30th July 2016, (can take the earliest Shinkansen). My flight back to India is at 9:30PM from Narita, Tokyo. I want to do the Miraikan Museum during the day. Can you please help with the following details?Is this plan feasible? Can I lock my luggage somewhere in Tokyo station?Are these facilities available? Narita airport has this facility. However, going all the way till airport and coming back to the city will be a waste of time and money....Read more

sport - Are there any short term gymnasia in Tokyo?

I'm planning to go to Japan from December to January and wondering if there are any gyms I could attend to during my stay.I am not a Japanse citizen, nor do I have an official address there. I can speak Japanese though.The best would be a membership that allows me to go there any time during that period, but even something like an X times pass would be acceptable.I don't need much equipment, a squat rack and a set of free weights are enough....Read more

sport - Judo experience in Tokyo (for a day or two)

I practice judo on a regular basis and will be traveling to Tokyo for a few days. I don't speak Japanese. I would like to experience the local judo atmosphere, and probably learn a few things. Kodokan has lessons geared towards foreigners, but I am not sure it fits such short periods.Where in Tokyo can I learn judo from a local teacher for a day or two?...Read more