puncture - Can you use slime (brand) auto tire "tubeless" sealant for a bicycle tube?

I'm used to using slime in my tubed tires, the bicycle sealant kind with the "red trim":but I noticed some "prevent and repair flat tires tire sealant, all tubeless tires" blue trim tire sealant, offered in a larger size, so cheaper.It says in the description that it seals "even larger" holes. But doesn't mention bicycles. Or tubes. But does mention tubeless.Can I use the blue trim "tire sealant" in standard bicycle tubes?Couldn't seem to find an answer to this exact question, or on the slime website....Read more

tire - How to remove skid marks from fabric

What is an effective yet safe way to remove skid marks from fabric originating from keeping a bicycle on it?-- The back tire of my bicycle has been standing on a piece of rug and I need to clean the rug now (I didn't know I should have kept the rug clean until it was too late):...Read more

tire - On which weather conditions should I choose my bicycle with studded/spike tyres?

I've recently bought a new bicycle for my daily commuting and fitted my old bicycle with studded/spike tires as a dedicated winter commuting bicycle. (They're Schwalbe "Winter" tyres, not "MarathonWinter" as I initially wrote on Twitter. I'd have bought MarathonWinter, but they're not available in 16".)Now I wonder when I should choose which bicycle (both are Bromptons), especially under which weather conditions?I've seen and read When are studded tires necessary?, but on the one hand the question's focus is a little different and on the other ...Read more

tire - I keep getting flats

I have been getting flats every 20-30 miles for the last 2 months. This has caused serious inconvenience to me, as bicycle is my preferred mode of transport to work and class. Details of the situation: Hybrid bicycle (Specialized Globe 2007 -- 5,000 miles ballpark on it)Only rear wheel is flattingRear wheel is 622x19C rimTire is 700x35, Kenda 700 35-42 inner tubeI just replaced the whole rim and spokes, for $60 (I had a lot of broken spokes and the rim was out of alignment badly). However the flats keep coming.Tire pressure suggested on the re...Read more

wheels - Rear tire has started rubbing frame at one spot

Riding my bike within my suburban residential neighborhood, I felt a shock, like a snap although I don't think anything snapped, followed by a rubbing noise every few seconds. Pedaling and the brakes continued to work.I pulled over and examined my bike, starting with the brakes, and discovered that the left side of the rear tire now rubs against the left chain stay at one spot, near the tube valve stem. The wheel/tire is perfectly centered everywhere else along its circumference, just not there.I've had this bike for about a year (bought at Goo...Read more

Why did my tire fail?

Just got back from a ride. On my way back, my rear tire suffered from a side wall blow out. The area that went looks like it has been completely shredded. The area feels like it's been melted, with sticky melty rubber covering it.The tire itself hasn't done 500km, I got it last summer, but haven't been able to ride much. There really shouldn't be any reason I know that the tire failed.The tires are Michelin Pro4.Just so you know, each of those fibers had come apart completely....Read more

innertube - Mystery flat keeps happening 3-5 times a week. Do I weigh too much for my tires?

This is a little embarrassing, so I hope no one makes fun of me... But I am a big girl. I always have been. Very big frame, big shoulders, big head, hands and feet. My whole life I've been healthy and athletic at 5'7 230-240 pounds. I'm 25 years old and two years ago I was put on medication that made me gain almost a hundred pounds. I've been trying everything to lose the weight, and a year ago I got rid of my car and opted for a bike, and have been riding a minimum of 2 miles a day since. I've still been unable to lose the weight, but that's n...Read more

Inflated tire partially slipped off rim, can I fix without deflating?

There is a ~3" portion of my back tire that is no longer within the rim walls on one side. It's an older bike but in fairly good condition. The tires had just been replaced by a professional and I put maybe 6 miles on the bike before noticing it. I don't think it occurred while biking since the wheel can hardly turn past the brake and I would have noticed the resistance. My main question is can I fix this without deflating the tire (I don't have a pump yet so I'd be bike-less until I got one)? What caused this & how can I prevent this from ...Read more

tire - Why do I keep getting flats?

I only bike for pleasure and sometimes to get around. I know very little about bikes.A few months ago I got a B'Twin mountain bike. Where I live now I do not feel safe biking in the city so I only use it on the weekends when the weather is good to get out to nature (on some otherwise clean looking dirt roads where many people bike).Despite the light usage I already got a flat three times. In the past I used to bike to work every day (with a similar but simpler bike) and I have never gotten a flat in several years.What could be the reason for...Read more

Force needed for tire and rim (removing/inserting)

Until now I used 26" rim with Schwalbe Fat Frank and Big Apple (range 2.15"-2.35"). Except for initial prying when removing tire I can perform all operations with my bare hands without a sweat.Today to my surprise I literally fought to remove WTB Resolute 42C from the rim (28") and risked breaking the tire lever when inserting back Specialized Sawtooth 42C tire.Why such difference? Is it old vs. new? Wide vs. narrow? Or is it just this particular tire against other one and there is simply no rule....Read more

brakes - Cruiser bike weird pedaling problems, feels like back tire moving

For awhile pedalling my bike has been getting increasingly difficult. First there was a squeaking. I figured maybe because I had put too much force riding uphill. Then there was a screeching cracking sound with the high squeaking. I saw there was just build up and figured that's why there was noises.I bought oil and grease coated well, and fixed the problem. But then it go worse now the pedals will either get stuck and I have to reset, or it will be very loose feeling like the chain popped off.Worst of all, now when I bring my foot down to peda...Read more

tire - Road tyres vs "Street" tyres for charity ride on MTB Tandem

Variation on a question that's been asked a few times.For reasons, we have signed up to do a charity ride of ~80 miles on our super-cheap Viking Saratoga tandem. I've already made a few upgrades, mainly ergonomic, but was wondering whether I should bother changing the tyres.I realise conventional wisdom dictates "slicks" rather than "knobblies" for riding a MTB on the road, but the tyres currently fitted are Kenda Kiniptions in 26 X 2.3", which the manufacturer describes as: Excellent tire for urban assault or skate park use; equally versatile...Read more

winter - How to clean and brighten reflective wall tires

I have a set of Continental Touring tires with the white reflective stripe on the sidewalls, and they get pretty dirty with road and brake grime. Normally I would clean with car soap and water but sometimes it doesn't get all the dirt off/make them look new. It is also winter right now so it is harder to soap and water wash in the garage. I did use a washcloth and clear water from bucket. It helped a lot but still a long ways off. Is there a way that I can make the stripe clean and bright white again? NOTE: The reflective strip on these t...Read more

Tubless rims with non tubeless tires -- what rim tape?

I run tubeless rims (specifically the new Mavic Open Pros) with the non-tubeless Continental GP GTs. The tires have lots of life left in them so I want to make the most of them in the meantime. However recently I've been getting loads of punctures, and I think many of them are down the the rim strip not fully covering the whole rim bed (which is very wide). When I take the tire off I can see that some of the tape as been pushed right into the corner of the rim bed.Should I just use tubeless rim tape with these rims & tires despite the fact ...Read more

tire - What is the size of the front axle nut of the Supercycle Hooligan?

I was riding my bike one day and saw my font wheel axle nut on the right disappeared. I tried to find replacements but none of them fit, I don't know the size of the nut so I cannot find one that fits. I got some nuts that were similar size, but they were 24t so it didn't fit, online people are selling 24t and 26t so I think mine is 26t but I am not sure. The bike is a Supercycle Hooligan with 24" tires. Measurements preferred in mm but inches is fine too.Btw, if I cannot find any online is it a good idea to 3d print them? I have a 3d printer a...Read more