Has science fiction used the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of Hugh Everett to address time travel?

The Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum theory first proposed by Hugh Everett in 1957, says that everything that can happen, will, in its own separate universe. (Note that this is not the multiverse, aka the megaverse theory. Each universe of the multiverse, in the MWI, repeatedly branches at the quantum level and becomes many universes.) Has any SF work explicitly used MWI to address time travel? "Many-worlds implies that all possible alternate histories and futures are real, each representing an actual "world" (or "universe"). In ...Read more

In Timeline, does a "time" traveller truly die during transit?

In Timeline by Michael Chrichton, does a time traveller die during transit?I've been confused about this because from Chris' point of view of the transit, things seem to end suddenly in darkness (which I took to be death). But then Gordon explains to Stern that at the moment of transit, the travelers from this timeline are destroyed, while exact copies from another universe arrive at the destination. While all this fictionalized quantum mechanics gives me a migraine, I'm unsure if I am wrapping my head around the details correctly....Read more

time travel - Was there really a 1955 Enchantment under the Sea dance timeline with just one Marty Mcfly?

We know George and Lorraine Mcfly meet in a 1955 without a Marty, because Lorraine meets George after he gets hit by Lorraines fathers car. So, we can safely say there was a 1955 timeline with zero Martys. We only see a single Marty in the original BTTFs visit to 1955, but we know from the sequels more Martys arrive during the same time period. BTTF Marty interferes with the original 1955 timeline. Are the BTTF 2 & 3 sequels Martys interferring with the original BTTF Marty 1955 timeline? Was there really a 1955 Enchantment Under The Sea Dan...Read more

final fantasy - So, why did Ultimecia want to compress time?

On disc three of Final Fantasy VIII, when Dr. Odine finally gets around to explaining what's going on with Ultimecia, he tells us that she's attempting to use Ellone to compress time. But maddeningly, he never tells us why. We see the effects on early disc four - strange physics, and the ability to experience things across different historical periods - but it's not clear why that's Ultimecia's objective.Are any reasons ever hinted anywhere else in the game or the Ultimania Canon?...Read more

final fantasy - How did Garland initally travel backwards in time?

At the beginning of the game, the Warriors of Light, Garland, and the Four Elemental Fiends are already caught well within the time loop.2000 years before the Warriors of Light appear, Garland's hatred for the Warriors corrupts the elements and creates the Fiends. The Fiends are then sent forward in time using Garland's newfound power and, in the present, the Fiends use their combined power to send a dying Garland backwards.My question is: How did Garland initially end up 2000 years in the past?Is this addressed in any related media (such as th...Read more

medicine - How do I manage disease risk while time traveling?

Time travel works...just invented, by you. The tests prove it! Now for the human tests.It works by poking the residual timey-wimey weebley-woobley stuff just enough for you to move yourself and your time machine to the point specified. For some strange reason, your time machine is restricted to destinations on Earth. Annoying, but that's a feature coming in Time Machine 2.0! Flying is also on the product backlog.Your significant other works as an epidemiologist and has implored you in the design of your time machine to include a measure th...Read more

medicine - Could a time-travelling doctor produce a bacterial vaccine?

In a tabletop RPG I'm GM-ing, I have a far-future doctor who has found himself trapped on a world just beginning its Industrial Revolution (he hasn't really traveled through time, he's just crashed his spaceship) with only a futuristic first-aid kit and his wits, trying to cure a cholera-like disease that's going around town. He doesn't have a whole lot of time to get this done either.Inventing antibiotics is out of the question; he doesn't have time to pick apart every common fungus to find which ones produce the most useful bacteria-killers (...Read more

time travel - Shouldn't there be a puddle jumper in Egypt at the end of Moebius in Stargate SG-1?

I've just rewatched Moebius, and made a realisation at the end of the episode regarding the puddle-jumper they use (the one discovered in It's Good to be King: The alternate SG-1 (along with the original Daniel) manage to stop Ra from taking the Egyptian stargate so it can be found again in our timeline. They also ensure that there is a tape explaining what happened and also put the ZPM where it can be found. So, doesn't this also mean that the puddle-jumper which they used could also be in the desert somewhere (in fact, that is how the alter...Read more

time travel - What order to read Kage Baker's "The Company" books, novellas and short stories

There are 9 books, 4 novellas, and short stories written by Kage Baker in her The Company universe. I'm wondering what order to read them in. It is especially confusing because they are about time travel, so reading the blubs is not-so-helpful.I read In the Garden of Iden and Sky Coyote back in the 90s and there was a hint the series was building to a big secret. I'd rather not read one that gives it away before its time and ruin the earlier ones.Can someone who has read them all please tell me the best order?...Read more

How long was Bill Murray's character (Phil Connors) supposed to be in a time loop in the film "Groundhog Day"?

I've often wondered how long Bill Murray's character (Phil Connors) was supposed to be in his time loop before he got out of it. You could count the number of days depicted in the movie, but there are parts that reference that he had spent a much longer time between scenes not shown.It seems that it could not have been shorter than several months, to a year at the minimum, for him to have learned may of the things that he is shown learning (like playing the Piano, Ice Sculpture and such). However, it could have been years, or decades?Perhaps so...Read more

time travel - How did the T-1000 avoid the bootstrap paradox?

I have watched Terminator 2 several times now, but there is one major problem with it that has been bothering me. The Terminator* was sent back in time to (unsuccessfully) assassinate Sarah Connor, and the remnants of this destroyed Terminator* were the basis for what would become SkyNet in the future according to Terminator 2.This appears to me to be a bootstrap paradox, whereby the only way for this technology to be developed was by it already being developed. I cannot understand this. What was the original SOURCE for this technology?*(also k...Read more

time travel - How did Skynet send back the T-1000 and the T-X?

As we learn in the original Terminator movie only living, organic material can be sent back in time: REESE: "You go naked. Something about the field generated by a living organism. Nothing dead will go." SILBERMAN: "Okay. Okay. But this... cyborg...if it's metal..." REESE: "Surrounded by living tissue." SILBERMAN: "Of course."If this is the case then how was Skynet able to send the fully inorganic T-1000 and T-X model Terminators back in time?...Read more

time travel - In The Librarians why didn't this event in season 4 change the present?

In season 2 episode 10 when they're in the time machine room, Flynn says: All their owners tried to change history and got caught in temporal loops because you can never ever ever violate causality. The very first time traveller learned that if you change any event in the past, any event of significance in the past, your timeline collapses, your entire history wiped out....Read more