adaboost - Is the threshold of Haar-feature is calculated by the only way, Viola-Jones described in their paper?

I am implementing Viola-Jones face detection algorithm and bit confused about haar-feature threshold. I am calculating the threshold of haar-feature using follow. steps:a) Calculate the haar-feature value in all positive(face) images respective to the same position.b) Get all the feature values that lie in between minimum feature value and average feature value to get list, MinToAvg = []c) For each value in MinToAvg classify data (Positive and Negative) and get Number of pos. images(Pos.) it classify as face and number of false positive (FP).d)...Read more

threshold - What is the purpose of ignore_thresh and truth_thresh in the YOLO layers in yolov3.cfg?

I am attempting to explain the purposes of different parameters in the yolov3.cfg file, however, I can't find any explanation for ignore_thresh and truth_thresh.My current (limited) understanding is that they are either related to non-max suppression where they act as thresholds for combining bounding boxes, or upper and lower bounds for confidence in predictions.Couldn't find anyone actually explaining the parameters online, only people who have copy-pasted parts of the config file. I have looked through more

collectd - collect and using percentage for setting thresholds on filesytems

I currently have collectd 5.4 installed on my linux host and attempting to use percent to trigger a notification when the threshold has been exceeded but it doesn't appear to work. The threshold for CPU does work however. My current config: LoadPlugin threshold <Plugin threshold> <Plugin "cpu"> <Type "cpu"> Instance "idle" DataSource "value" WarningMin 10 FailureMin 5 Hits 25 Persist true </Type> </Plugin> <Plu...Read more

threshold - Measuring Intensity Using ImageJ

we have to measure the intensity of the fluorescence in certain regions of images using imagej. we came up with the below steps to measure the intensity. while it does seem correct, my question is --> are we actually measuring intensity correctly using the following steps or are we erroneously measuring something else and believing that that value is the intensity? Make the image a 8-bitThreshold the image (Image > Adjust > Threshold) to outline all the regions and click Apply Open Analyze > Analyze particles. Make sure “add to manager” is clic...Read more

Otsu Threshold in general

I want to know if I could use the Otsu Code for a Histogram which contains other data than greyValues? I have a set of mm which multiplied by 1000 to get int values and now I want to cut off the left part of the histogram with Otsu....Read more