amsthm - How to obtain non Italic theorem text - TeX

Please believe me this is not an Off Topic in TEX. Wait and see that I SEARCH the web and go deeply into questions for this but nothing found:Can we equip ‎AtBeginEnvironment with two option simultaneously? I mean I want to have something like:\AtBeginEnvironment{example}{‎‎\small}which make whole examples a bit smaller in fonts, merged with the code \emph which make the whole body inside example environment unitalic. What I did is:‎‎\begin{example}‎‎\emph{ John Smith}\end{example}to do so. Thanks for the hints. Cosidering David's comment, I ad...Read more

theorems - Problems with label and cref - TeX

I am having some (probably) beginner's problems with labeling I use:\newtheorem{myprop}{Proposition}[subsection] \newtheorem{mydef}{Definition}[subsection] \newtheorem{myrmk}{Remark}[subsection]and so on as environments and \label{...} \cref{...} to label things. The problem is, I get things like ?? 1.2.3 where in place of ?? I should get Proposition, Theorem and so on. If I replace \cref with \ref then it is even worse since ?? disappears but then I lose info about whether 1.2.3 is a Proposition, Theorem... Moreover, I would like to have lin...Read more

theorems - Intelligently Numbering "remarks" only when multiple are made - TeX

Problem. I am using the amsthm package, and have remarks after theorems. If there is only one remark between two theorems, the remark should not be numbered.If there are multiple remarks between two theorems, they should be numbered (with the counter reset with respect to the theorem counter).I have two environments to handle this, rmk and rmk*, but can I have only one?(If anyone is curious, I'm typesetting some work by Euler, and he does this with Scholium numbering. But I'm also thinking about doing this with my own personal notes, which is w...Read more

arabic - theorem environment in Arabtex - TeX

I have this: \documentclass[12pt]{arabbook}%%%%%%%%%%% packages\usepackage{fancyhdr} \usepackage{arabtex} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{amsmath}\usepackage{amsfonts}% R ensemble des nombres reels\usepackage{graphicx}% ajouter des photos\usepackage{pstricks}% pour dessiner%%%%%%%%%%%% ab3ad AlsfhA\textwidth= 15truecm % \textheight= 22.27truecm % \hoffset= -1.5 cm%truecm %\voffset= -1.5 cm%truecm %%%%%%%%%%%\pagestyle{fancy}\renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{1.5pt}\renewcommand{\footrulewidth}{1.5pt}\renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{1.5}% `dm Alt^sk...Read more

Wrong spacing before theorem environment (amsthm) - TeX

I am using the amsthm package to have environment.I also use \usepackage[onehalfspacing]{setspace} to have 1.5 line spacing.However, when I use the the theorem environment, the spacing before is not done correctly. It gives me a normal line spacing instead of the 1.5-line spacing.Lets say I have: First paragraphSecond paragraphThird paragraph\begin{theorem} Bla bla. \end{theorem}I get something like this: First paragraph Second paragraph Third paragraph Theorem 1. Bla bla.Do you know how I can change this?...Read more

New Theorem Style - TeX

I'm pretty new to LaTeX. And I don't really understand the following code, it is merely a pasted template from wikipedia.I'm trying to make a simple theorem style which is identical to the normal theorem style but has a dash after the number. I tried this but I keep getting an error on and off about numbering. As I'm typing it has stopped for a while. Anyway, what is the best way to tell it to do the theorem style? I feel there's probably a very simple way.\newtheoremstyle{theoremdd}% name of the style to be used{}% measure of space to leave ab...Read more

Label and sublabel for theorem - TeX

In my text file, I am using a theorem environment (from the amsthm package), that contains two parts (for two different cases). The theorem is often referenced as a whole, so I need a global label, but each case is proven on its own, and often referenced specifically, and therefore I also need specific "sublabel". The structure would look as follow : \begin{theorem}\label{main_thm} This is the main theorem, with two cases, \begin{enumerate} \item First Case \label{first_case} \item Second Case \label{first_case} \end{enum...Read more

theorems - Paragraph space - TeX

I'm currently writing a math document containing equations, theorems, remarks, etc. I find it difficult to understand how LaTeX manages the vertical space between two paragraphs. E.g. when you don't specify anything about the paragraph style, a new paragraph is indented but there is no vertical space between the two paragraphs. Before and after a theorem, there is a line skip. I would like to have a vertical space between two paragraphs too but when I put \setlength{\parskip}{\baselineskip} in the preamble, it messes up the space before and aft...Read more

passing a theorem name using ntheorem - TeX

I'm looking for a way to style a theorem as shown here.The code there works if I want the theorem number in the heading box, but I also want to be able to pass a custom theorem name to add to that heading box. The optional argument seems to be showing up as part of the #1, so how do I separate it so that I can put it elsewhere?The code I'm currently using (from the same link given above)\usepackage{graphicx,textpos, a4wide}\usepackage{helvet, amssymb}\usepackage{tikz}\usetikzlibrary{shadows}\usetikzlibrary{shapes}\usetikzlibrary{decorations}\us...Read more

theorems - Missing endmarks with ntheorem when ending with a formula - TeX

MWE\documentclass{article}\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}\usepackage{amsmath}\usepackage[thmmarks]{ntheorem}% proof\theoremstyle{plain}\theoremheaderfont{\normalfont\bfseries} \theoremprework{\medbreak}\theorempostwork{\medbreak}\theoremindent0mm\theoremsymbol{\ensuremath{\Box}}\theoremseparator{}\theorembodyfont{\normalfont}\newtheorem*{beweis}{Beweis.}\begin{document}\section{Introduction}\begin{beweis} This is really just a formula \begin{equation*} a^2 + b^2 = c^2 \end{equation*}\end{beweis}\end{document}Because the proof ends w...Read more

formulas in bold theorem titles in ntheorem package - TeX

I'm not quite sure if this counts as a bug or a feature but I have the following problem with the ntheorem package. The theorem title is bold face, which I like, but in math formulas setting some (or all) letters to bold may change the meaning of the mathematical quantities (vectors are bold, scalars are normal etc)So my question: how can I avoid that the mathematical formulas in the title of the theorem are changed but the rest of the title is still set in bold?As far as I can see the problem does not occur in the (obsolete) theorem package....Read more

theorems - Using ntheorem with amsbook - TeX

I'm working with an amsbook document, and I want to use the ntheorem package. This is unsurprisingly causing a complaint with the amsthm package implicitly loaded for the amsbook documentclass. There's no clear superior choice between amsthm and ntheorem, each has its plusses and minuses. So it seemed the best option to use \usepackage[amsthm]{ntheorem}which gives an approximation of the best of both worlds (section 3.2.2). But that only works if you can remove the amsthm package. How do I achieve this result with the amsbook document class?Thi...Read more

Variable headpunct for theorem styles (using thmtools) - TeX

I am using the thmtools package to create my theorem environments and I would like to have a headpunct that depends on the start of a theorem: if it starts with an enumeration (that is, if it starts with the code \begin{enumerate}) then I would like to use a point . as headpunct, otherwise I'd like to use a dash --- as headpunct. I am able to define a command \dashorpoint that checks the next character using \@ifnextchar and depending on that gives me the right result. However, I can't use this command to solve my problem as it does not grab th...Read more

thmtools - How remove space before optional argument in custom theorem-like environment? - TeX

How do I remove the unwanted space before the optional argument (set here) and after the theorem-like environment's name (Intuitive idea--- here)?\documentclass[12pt]{article}\usepackage{amsthm}\usepackage{thmtools}\declaretheoremstyle[ headfont= \sffamily\bfseries, headpunct={\sffamily\bfseries.}, postheadspace=0.5em, notefont=\sffamily\bfseries, bodyfont=\normalfont, notebraces={}{}, numbered=no]{discuss}\theoremstyle{discuss}\makeatletter%\declaretheorem[ name=Intuitive idea---, preheadhook=\renewcommand{\thmt@space}{}, numbered=no...Read more