SharePoint 2019 theme on premise

I wish to add a theme to a SharePoint site, that is hosted on a SharePoint 2019 Server on premise.I have followed theese instructions => this seems to work only for SharePoint Online and not for SharePoint 2019 on premise.Does anyone know how to achieve this?...Read more

theme - Customizing SharePoint Modern Pages

SharePoint 2013/2016 Modern Pages and Libraries are horrible. There I said it. If you have themed and customized sites, the modern page will look and behave so out of place. Has anybody customized Modern pages? Any good guides? I hear you can't even add JavaScript calls. I have offered MS this idea of Page templates with Edit configuration options that allow removal of elements on the page and reuse. Is there a better way to approach customization?SharePoint User Voices - Collaboration Page templates for Modern Pages...Read more

Modern SharePoint online List/library theme not being updated when "Change the look"

Since the new modern look in SharePoint online, a couple of our users are complaining that their libraries do not match the theme on their sites. For example the homepage of the site seem to follow the Microsoft Blue Office theme, but when you go into a list or library, the text and the horizontal bar is pink.I've tried to choose a different theme in Change the look, but the modern lists and libraries are still pink.These sites have been migrated from a 2010 site originally, but the list is a brand new list created inside SharePoint online, cou...Read more

theme - Defining custom color slots in an .spcolor file

We are creating a SharePoint 2013 based solution which comes with a custom master page, which for example defines navigation elements, which are not available in the standard master page. This solution needs to work with composed looks. This means that users (i.e. admins or developers) should be able to change the look of SharePoint by selecting/applying a different composed look. Apart from our own composed look, these looks need to be created by our partners/customers.As we all know, the .spcolor file defines the colors which are replaced in ...Read more

theme - Composed Look with Custom Master Page

I am trying to make a Composed Look with a Custom Master Page. To start with, I copied Seattle.master to Test.master; Seattle and Test are exactly the same except for the name. I verified that I can switch the master page to Test.master. In Composed Looks, there is an OTB item named Orange; this is the look I started with. I created a Composed Look named Andrew. When I copy the values of Orange exactly into Andrew, Andrew appears in Change the Look. When I change the master page for Andrew to Test.master, Andrew does not appear in Change ...Read more

reader engagement - Struggling with the number of themes in my work

So, I'm a big picture person. What I like best, in life, and when I write, is bringing a lot of very different elements together. But as a result, both my fiction and non-fiction tend to be overstuffed, with too many different themes and ideas and ambiguities for them to really hook the reader.But when I try to simplify, and write on one topic or one theme, it either becomes digressive or I lose interest. Is there a way to gain clarity without losing complexity? Or conversely, to bring the reader along for a journey that goes all over the pla...Read more

SharePoint 2010 Create Theme

I understand that in 2010 I can create themes for my site with PowerPoint 2010.The question is .... how do would I know how to change the background color of the ribbon for example using a PowerPoint theme?In addition, when on the site, I do not get the option for customizing the colors (when previewing themes).Just seems I am missing some information on how a theme in powerpoint relates to the different elements in SharePoint.Ideas?thx...Read more

Can't change theme using Change the Look

I have been working on creating a custom .spcolor file to update our company color scheme to our Sharepoint site. I have noticed that when I try to use the Change the Look feature to change the theme to one of the default themes, it doesn't change when I hit the Try it Out link.After researching further, I noticed that the issue only occurs with the Seattle site layout and not Oslo.I tried to look at the Seattle masterpages and the css files associated, but didn't see anything unusual. I am a novice at Sharepoint, so maybe this is just somethin...Read more

Updating a site theme and template

I have site where we have made some changes to the SiteTemplate (which consists of the ONET.xml file and 2 .aspx files). We also had to update the site theme (CSS changes mostly) for some of the changes. We have packaged up all the changes in a .wsp package and deployed it, so that for future sites everything should be in order.I know SharePoint 2007 doesn't propogate changes to existing sites, so I wrote a script that iterates the sites and replace the two .aspx-files (default.aspx is one) - that should be fine.The way I updated the theme was...Read more

theme - How to Change the Colors in Info Menu

I've been able to use the User Preferences, Themes to change colors in my Blender inferface but I can't find the place to change the menu text color in the info bar.I need to change "File," "Render," "Window" etc.. so that I can see them more easily. Perhaps to white or perhaps by changing the background to a lighter color.Thank you for your help!Sabi...Read more

css - Sharepoint: creating custom themes

I am starting to use Sharepoint 2007 again and I was wondering if there's anything I should know when it comes to creating custom themes.For example, are there things I should definitely not do?I notice that things built with Sharepoint have a definite "look", I assume this is because Sharepoint is hard to style.Is it better to use a tool like Sharepoint Designer or should I go with Visual Studio?I don't have much of a .NET background but I know some basic C and I am fairly comfortable with web-standards CSS + HTML......Read more

Themes for each user

Is it possible for each user in SharePoint to customize the theme that appears for them whenever they log in? So if the user A would like the theme to be red instead of blue, they set it to red and whenever they log on they see the red theme, but user B still sees the blue theme when they log in.Is this doable?Thanks,...Read more

How to apply a free bootstrap theme template on sharepoint web page?

I want to change the theme of sharepoint web page (intranet webpage) using bootstrap ready online theme templates, how?I want to apply a nice colors theme and reorder the content to be tidy.(changing the layout)I am using sharepoint2013.Can any one help me step by step, because I am new in designing web pages.I have navigation at the top and at the left, and I prefer 3 columns layout or more.Also, What is the best recommended? Bootstrap or third party for designing a theme for sharepoint2013?...Read more