TFS Backlogs Iteration Group By

I made a new category called Deliverable and I would like to have the option to sort by that in the "Group By" dropdown which is displayed when viewing a iteration. What would need to be changed in the Agile template to make this possible?Currently you can only group by People or Stories. I want to add a new category to group by.Using TFS 2018 Update 1...Read more

tfs2017 - Switch language in TFS 2017 Monaco editor during code review

Code reviewing a PR in TFS 2017 lacks syntax highlighting for languages such as Groovy and Kotlin. Simply changing the display language would help a lot, eg coloring Kotlin files as Java.If I'm correct, the editor in TFS is Monaco Editor (there is a monaco editor element in the HTML), which seems capable of switching both language and theme, though these options are not exposed in TFS.Is it possible to somehow change the syntax highlighting and theme in TFS PR view? Either through a TFS plugin or a hidden setting in the editor?...Read more

TFS custom widget configuration too small

I am currently building a custom widget for our team project dashboard. My configuration is made of some divs and everything else is being loaded via js. At first you can select your team project and afterwards you get a checkbox for every team in there.My problem is the iframe above or the div with the class external-content-host. They are fixed to the size 400x150px. I don't know why or how I can fix that. I already tried filling more space with something else at the start and delete it when I need it. Can somebody help me here? The widget is...Read more

tfs - How to monitor a TFVC branch for folder addition?

I'm looking for something that would let me know if a new folder has been added directly under my branch in TFVC. I tried using the tf client but though I can fetch the changesets and get history but I couldn't find what I was looking for.What I want is, suppose there is a TFS branch TestBranch my script will poll that branch at regular intervals and return the folder name if a new folder has been added under that branch directly (sub-folders should be ignored).Is there any tf command for this ? or how should I try to achieve my desired result?...Read more

tfs - Visual Studio Team Services Extension thinks Local Repository is Server Repository

I am using the Visual Studio Team Services extension in VSCode to connect to my TFVS repository. Yesterday, I updated VSCode and the extension now tells me that the repository is a Server repository when it is actually a Local Repository. As far as I can tell, the issue is that I am getting an authentication error which VSCode assumes is because the repository is a server repository. I have tried signing out and back in, changing my password, and changing the repository to a server repository and back to a local repository. Does anyone know...Read more

tfs - Update all local workspaces with changes to a folder in my project collection

I have a folder with name "OutputBinaries" inside my project collection. I have local workspaces mapped to this folder on multiple machines. I want to automatically update all these local workspaces whenever there are any modification to "OutputBinaries" folder.I know tf get command can help if it is specific to a particular machine or a particular workspace. But how this can be accomplished with workspaces on different machinesWe are on the latest TFS version...Read more

Get single workspace without prompt TFS command line

What I'm trying to do should be simple - I want to get information for a single TFS workspace (in this case named the same as the computer name), and have that information returned via text - not via prompt window (it's my understanding this is what the /noprompt option is for). I am using the "workspace" command, and according to the official documentation (, it's not 100% clear this is supported.Note: I have tf.exe from Visual Studio 2017 and 2015 installed, and the 2015 Power Tool...Read more

What does the command tf vc scorch do?

In the build logs of TFS builds I have seen the use of the command tf vc scorch. This looks rather interesting and seems to be something like git clean and could be quite helpful but for some strange reason scorch is not documented. Is this some internal thing that is not intended for public use?Typing tf vc /? does not list the scorch command and tf vs scorch /? does not explain the parameters. It is also not listed on can I find its full documentation?...Read more

tfs - Working and building a project with multiple developers with specified permission for each one?

We are two developer(me and my friend) and working on a MVC ASP.Net project in Visual Studio 2017 with TFS Online(, TFVC).All of us have full access to all files for developing and building to view and test.We want to outsource part of our project to another developers and we don't want to access full permission of project files to new developers.If we didn't access full permission to all files to new developers, they can't build project to view and test.Is there a way to access just some files of a project to another developers...Read more

tfs - How does Visual Studio Team Services Transport Secret Variables?

We are currently in the process of evaluating Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) release management as our continuous deployment (CD) tool. My System Administrators are not crazy about storing any kind of password or secret in VSTS or any other CD tool without having a good understanding of what security is being used. I have already found documentation that describes how VSTS stores Secret Variables at rest, but what I can not find is documentation that describes what security VSTS uses to transports Secret Variables to the build/Release Agent...Read more

tfs - Conditionals in release management 2013

I am exploring Release Management 2013 from the continuous deployment point of view. While creating release template and adding actions I came across some scenarios and have queries on the same.1) Can I add conditions such as if-else style to the deployment sequence while creating a workflow for release template? I have not seen any default action for this.2) Can I get the return value/code of a process/action and based on it perform the suitable action for subsequent action in the flow or use it as an argument in subsequent flow?...Read more

Changing TFS Release Retention Policy settings

We are TFS 2017 Update 3.The default TFS Release 'Retention Policy Settings' are as below after a Team Project is created.While there is a way to specify the retention policy settings for Builds at the TFS Project Collection level, I am wondering if there is a way to do this for Releases as well. For Releases the retention settings are the project level. I am interested to change this setting for each new project.I don't see a setting at the process templates.Is this not provided to the users? Or Am I missing something?...Read more

TFS Multi-configuration with different set of variables

I need to deploy the same project and the same version on different environments. Each environment requires its own values for the given variables, e.g. ENV1 requires var1a, var1b, var1c and ENV2 requires var2a, var2b and var2c. You cannot have a combination var1a and var2b. That means that I need to run exactly the same build but with different set of variables.There are about 20 variables and 50 environments so changing them manually 1000 times per version is not exactly an option.I can create a different build definition for each set of vari...Read more

continuous integration - How to keep artifacts directory during the multi-configuration build in TFS?

I have a solution with multiple projects where some are web apps. I have set up a multi-configuration build in TFS vNext that builds the single app, creates an MSDeploy package, gets the proper staging configuration files and add or replaces the files in the package archive file. I'd like to use the deployment files created as artifacts to be used in a Release Management pipeline. The problem is that the artifacts directory is purged before each build (i.e. build of a web application). At the end, only the artefacts of the last app that was bu...Read more

resharper - How to enforce developers to resolve static code analysis tools issues before checking in to TFS

How can we enforce developers to resolve static code analysis tools issues before they check in the file to TFS? Below are the details :-Source Code Repository: TFS.NET/UI Static code tools: Refactor, JSLintJava Web Services Code: PMD, FindBugsIf TFS cant be configured, is it possible for us to create some kind of tool which will generate the report by taking data from all these static analysis tools daily at EOD....Read more