texturing - Attempting to stretch texture towards edges

I am currently attempting to do a trick with texture mapping and noise texturing. The effect I am trying to accomplish is to change the direction of the stretching on the noise bumps.On the image below, the bumps get stretched out as they approach the edge of the sphere. They stretch in a direction parallel to the edge. What I want to do is have them stretched perpendicular to the edge, so that going longways with each bump it will point towards the edge more as the underlying surface points away from the camera.The image below, a mockup mad...Read more

texturing - Prodecural ring texture

iam trying to make a procedural ring texture animation, i have managed to make the ring texture but the animation is not infinite. I use the mapping scale values but the textures just scales. Do you have any idea for different set up?Here is an image of my node set up:...Read more

texturing - Combining image texture and brick texture

I am trying to combine a BRICK TEXTURE and some IMAGE TEXTURE but without a great success.I would like that stone textures fit perfectly inside each paving slabs. I found this exercises very challenging, it will be wonderful if anyone can be any advice or explaining how these kind of nodes are working together.the image below is what i am trying to avoidYorkstone T4 642 x 427 Px RGB 250kBYorkstone T5 700 x 396 Px RGB 62kBTest 1 made with Gimp...Read more

texturing - UV Map and Texture An Irregular, Very High Poly Object

I have a very high poly model of a product. I want to apply a simple, uniform texture over the entire object. The model is irregular, an 'S' shape. I figured out how to apply the texture using nodes, but it is not in proportion between the faces. When I unwrap it, the UV editor shows a triangle, it appears every poly is stacked under it. *****Please tell me there is an easy way to apply a simple repeating image texture over the entire model evenly without cutting it up, editing UVs, Etc. This thing has a ton of faces. Notes: 1. I am a beginner ...Read more

texturing - Bump image texture doesn't work anymore

Weird trouble here.Somewhere in the process, the object can't render the displacement map anymore, even in the preview window shows the right bump amount. At start it works well but somehow it lost it recently...I check all connections, all values seems OK, the bump image shows in the right place and should make a huge bump effect (like in my image #2. But nothing, the surface remains flat as a sand desert. It's an animated object but no keyframe on this parameter, all frames show the same absence of bump.I check there is no object's double sup...Read more

texturing - How to adjust size and frequency of procedural texture independently

I'm trying to create a procedural texture based material in which I can get a transition from a completely black area to a completely white one by decreasing the size of the black parts of the texture (I make use of Color Ramp to get only pure black and pure white areas).For example, I've tried to set the size of the texture elements by using the Factor socket of a Gradient Texture as input for the Scale socket of a Wave Texture.I get the expected result of waves that decrease their size but I get their frequency to increase as well, so the fin...Read more

texturing - How do I make a Decal look worn?

I have what seems like a simple example here. I wanted to practice texture and lighting by making some simple M&M renders. I used a NOISE texture for the surface to give it some "eggshell" quality in the render, I am progressing nicely. Now I'm stuck...I created the "M" logo as a PNG with alpha channel. I applied it in the material using the image texture with mapping node and texture coordinates. All basic stuff so far.I can't for the life of me figure out how to use procedural nodes like Voronoi or Noise to make the stark white of th...Read more

texturing - Scale Texture with a Value-/Math-Node

in my node setup I have a value node. I want this node to influence the scaling of my mapping node.Is there a way to achieve this? Or is there a math/vector node setup I can use to manipulate the scale of my texture?I found an answer to my question:Possible to control a Driver from a Group Node input slider?Because the original question here is another one, I won't delete my post. Maybe it is helpful for someone....Read more

texturing - Multiple stacked planes image distortion (Noisey Images effect)

The youtuber Noisey Images does this really cool effect where tiles that slightly distort still images as they and the camera moves through space. Here's his newest video, he uses the effect with two photos at 1:03-1:10. This is a still of the effectNow i've got a couple of ideas of how to do the effect but not sure how to go about doing them:One being applying a texture that produce large squares and apply it to the image. Then using a displace node to shift the large squares (multiple stacked planes) around. This is going off a tutorial I fol...Read more

texturing - How can I improve the realism of my pencil texture lines in freestyle?

I'm using a charcoal image texture to make my cycles freestyle lines look as though they were drawn by hand with a pencil. My inspiration (and the source of the charcoal image texture) was the teapot file linked on this page https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Release_Notes/2.71/FreestyleThis is the charcoal image texture:The concept works okay when you use multiple rounds to go over the same area a few times, but when I try to draw a single line it looks a bit crappy, with the repetitive nature of the texture very apparent.Multiple roun...Read more

texturing - Apply a volumetric texture tangentially on a torus

I'm trying to adjust a volumetric texture on a torus object.Some details on this object:The material is a volume whose density is driven by a texture.This texture is a procedural one such as marble/musgrave.This texture is mapped on the object (the torus) with a tube projection.My problem is that I whish to position and stretch this texture tangentially around the torus and I didn't manage to get this result. I tried many settings and I didn't succeed.Here are some results I obtained : And nearly what I would like : I thought that in a tube pro...Read more

texturing - How do i unlink a texture from a material?

I applied a texture via uv mapping editor and node editor for reference, did the job, deleted the image texture node, unticked "use nodes" box, removed the texture from uv mapping editor and that texture still affects the material. When i import the .blend file to unity, the material gets renamed from "wood" to "wood_woodDoor_jpg". I notice that the texture doesnt have a 0 next to it in uv mapping editor and that when i reopen the project, it stays there. How do i remove this texture from my project?I did the exact same thing before with no pr...Read more

texturing - Blender textures are rendered on each triangle individually

If I make a new texture, then it draws the same tiny texture on each triangle of whatever I'm drawing. If I modify the material on the cube on the starting scene, it works fine. But I can't figure out how to copy materials, so I can only have one material per scene.My problem seems similar to the one [here][2], but when I tried their solution, it ended up projecting it onto the UV map. I'm making a procedural texture on a sphere. If I use the UV map, it gets really warped on the poles.Here's a picture:The sphere on right is what I want. I made ...Read more

texturing - Join objects that have the same texture

I'm wondering if there's a way to join all objects that share the same texture image. I don't want to join them if they have the same material, but rather, if they use the same source image texture.I assume it's possible with Python scripting? For clarity, I'm using Blender v2.76 on Windows 10. I've tried "Select Linked" with Shift+L > Texture in Object mode but it doesn't work.EditTo clarify, I'm asking if this can be done automatically/not-manually. Here's why: I imported an .obj file, and for some reason it imported each face as its own, sep...Read more