Turn off text wrapping in Indesign

Is there any analogue of CSS rule white-space: nowrap in Adobe Indesign?I know that happens because in Indesign the text can be placed in any arbitrary shape, not only rectangular as it goes in HTML. Typesetting engine is looking for a string that have enough width to fit a word. And if this shape can't fit big word then such a word will be shifted to next text frame, even if a frame does not exist.The question is how to disable such behavior?...Read more

wrap text around picture on another picture

I have a small picture on top of a larger photo.I am trying to wrap text around the small picture.To keep type on top of the large photo, I need to select "ignore text wrap" which does not allow me to wrap type rung the small photo on top.How can wrap text around the small photo?Thanks for your help!...Read more