testing - Dynamically set a XML tag value while building payload

I am trying automate testing using Karate.I have a XML payload.I have a static XML payload which I am readying from a file and I want to call my service in loop.For each call I would like to replace value for a tag name dynamically.How would I achieve this?e.g.Below is my Main Feature which calls my common feature in loopFeature: Loop CallBackground:* def common = call read('classpath:CommonFeatures.feature')Scenario:* table table | payload_file | field_tag | field_value | | 'HappyPath.xml' | 'car_fuel' | 'Gas' | | 'HappyPath.x...Read more

testing - Portable, tool-independent test automation

Our codebase contains code in multiple languages, ranging from Python over C# to MATLAB and LaTeX. Currently we have unit tests in each individual language (using language-specific frameworks). This makes test automation cumbersome, especially collecting and checking all the different reports.I am therefore looking for a test automation tool thatis portable (at least Windows + Linux)is language-independentcan be extended (custom reporting, additional languages, ...)Ideally the tool would connect via plugins to the existing tool-specific framewo...Read more

testing - Run additional tests by using a feature flag to "cargo test"

I have some tests that I would like to ignore when using cargo test and only run when explicitly passed a feature flag. I know this can be done by using #[ignore] and cargo test -- --ignored, but I'd like to have multiple sets of ignored tests for other reasons.I have tried this:#[test]#[cfg_attr(not(feature = "online_tests"), ignore)]fn get_github_sample() {}This is ignored when I run cargo test as desired, but I can't get it to run.I have tried multiple ways of running Cargo but the tests continue to be ignored:cargo test --features "online_t...Read more

Groovy for testing an API

I'm writing a series of automated, end-to-end test cases that exercise a RestFUL API.I have several good test scripts, written in Groovy, that provide the sort of tests and build the confidence we need, and we're looking at integrating these into a nightly build, as well as allow the QA team to run them. This is a step above Unit testing, as we are looking at complete end-to-end workflows, rather than atomic steps.The output is currently human readable, with each test condition printing out a line which defines the test, the value being read, ...Read more

testing - Jmeter to test a java main class

I have a java jar file wich contain a main class and a batch file to execute the jar file. So I would like to call with Jmeter 3 the batch file to execute the java main class.Could some one can help me, because it's my first time to use Jmeter. I have tried to use beanshell, but no success.Thanks...Read more

testing - Retrieve response from a "Run Test Step", using SoapUI/ Groovy?

In SoapUI, I have a host Test Case, which executes another external Test Case (with several test steps) using the "Run Test Case" test step. I need to access a response from the external TC from within my host TC, since I need to assert on some values.I cannot transfer the properties since they are in XML. Could I get some pointers as to how I could leverage Groovy/SoapUI for this....Read more

testing - How to perform client-server test without scripting?

I have a clien-server application and I want to perform load test on it.the problem is that I don't have for example 100 clients to start connecting to the server and test the app for me.I have used some application like Avalanche and TestComplete for this purpose, but unfortunately they just simulate HTTP and HTTPstests and is usable for web application test not cilent-server test.what I need is something like testComplete to be able to save the transactions and replay them hundreds of time or like avalanche.also I have seen some other applica...Read more

How to perform load testing for website using JMeter

I want to create a script in JMeter that simulates e.g. 100 users accessing our site over a period of 3-4 minutes.We need to test whether our application can allow 25.000 users/day - that is 1.100 per hour.For that i have made this Jmeter test:and here is the result and here is the graph I want to know what this result is exactly telling us, if my test pass or fails, if yahoo.com (for which we have run this test for our example) can allow 25.000 users/day and if i am inputting my criteria / requirements correctly?Thanks...Read more

jmeter - measuring ssl negotiation time in load testing

We have some load tests which were written in jmeter. And everything was going well until we decided to move all static files to CDN.Now we have a challenge: how to measure DNS lookup time (host resolving time) and SSL negotiation time. Good example of this measurments is google dev tools network timeline: Google devtools network tab timelineBoth of this metrics in jmeter are aggregated into "connect time".Maybe someone knows the way how to measure properly host resolving time and SSL negotiation time (handshake) in jmeter or in any other load ...Read more

testing - Is there a single command to run tests from both clojure.test and Speclj?

I have an already working application that has some tests written with clojure.testI want to create some new tests to raise code coverage, but this time using Speclj since tests look nicer.However, now in order to make sure all tests are passing, I need to run lein test to run tests from clojure.test and lein spec to run tests from speclj. Is there a single command to run all the tests no matter the library I chose?...Read more