Telerik RadScheduler and appointment attributes

I've got an aspx page, and in the code behind, I'm building a list of Telerik.Web.UI.Appointment objects, and setting the datasource of the RadScheduler to that list.For each appointment object I'm adding several attributes to it. Things like CusomerID.appt.Attributes.Add("CustomerID", 23);I need to get at this information client side. From the documentation, it appears to me that this should work, but it does not.var appt = eventArgs.get_appointment();var list = appt.get_attributes();var attr = list.getAttribute('CustomerID');When I run this...Read more

Telerik Scheduler - drag and drop

I use Telerik demo scheduler as my base, as it seen in i have implemented data loading from SQL to this scheduler. Now I want to implement drag and drop. So, how can I get my appointment values in old place and values in new place on scheduler and what the best technique to do that? I would use these values, to implement update of appointment dates in SQL....Read more