team fortress 2 terminology - What is the difference between "public" games and "competitive" games? How are these "competitive" games located?

Me: Is Rocket Jumper + Bison + Zatoichi a valid Soldier play style?Anon_Player: Anything's valid in pubs.After a while of playing TF2 and listening to the voice/text chats I've noticed that there appears to be a different way of playing TF2, in so called "competitive" games. Unless I haven't noticed it, there appears to be no automatic method to connect to these matches, besides (what I assumes is) connecting to specific servers via the server window. Based on players' conversation there appears to be a positive connotation towards playing on "...Read more

team fortress 2 tf2 medic - How do Killstreaks affect Mediguns?

Mediguns such as the default Medigun, the Kritzkrieg, the Quick-Fix and the Vaccinator can have Killstreak Kits attached to them. This includes Basic, Specialized and Professional Killstreak Kits.For any other weapon, these work as follows:Basic Killstreak Kits track how many kills you got with said weapon before you die. This included a server-wide message when you hit certain thresholds, such as 20 kills, and messages when you are killed after such a threshold.Specialized Killstreak Kits do everything a Basic Killstreak Kit does, as well as g...Read more

team fortress 2 cheats - Having difficulties creating a custom command in TF2

So, in TF2 I like to play on cheat-enabled servers sometimes and I've been trying to create a command that would allow me to pick up an object and "wear" it on my head like a hat, for example a tiny dispencer that I've made with a different command, but problem is I can't seem to get it to work right... So far what I currently have is: alias wearit "ent_fire !picker setparent !player;ent_fire !picker setparentattachment partyhat"When I use this while aiming at the object I want, such as my tiny dispencer, it does indeed teleport it on top of ...Read more

team fortress 2 tf2 engineer - How can I effectively "sentry jump" with the wrangler?

Now that the wrangler has been introduced to the engineer, the engineer can get to places previously unreachable. Is it possible to get propelled upward with just the gun from the sentry to take less damage? If rockets are used, is it possible to pick up the sentry immediately after rocket launch, so that you can take the sentry with you on the jump? What other tips do you have?...Read more

team fortress 2 tf2 spy - Cloak and Dagger, what's the catch?

Cloak and dagger has 100% generation rate, besides you remain half-invisible even if the cloak is depleted. This looks like it has lots of advantages over Invisibility Watch but not any shortcomings. But there has to be some. Can someone tell me what they are?And considering these disadvantages what is the best situation to use it instead of regular Invisibility Watch?...Read more

team fortress 2 tf2 engineer - 2fort: Sentry at the intel, or at the spawn?

Playing as an engineer on TF2's 2fort, what is the best location for my sentry?Hayroom spawn? One sentry can cover the grate, battlements andcourtyard (every path to intel is blocked), and you can repair iteasily using the spawn's resupply.Intel itself? Every path to the intel is blocked. This way, when theenemy dies, he has to walk the entire road again - at the hayroomthey spent less time walking and will be faster back to your sentry.I know plenty of other fun spots to put a sentry, but only these two spots come to mind to defend every singl...Read more