taskscheduler - Scheduled tasks in Windows Server 2016 don't run after being disabled then enabled

I am having a problem with the Task Scheduler on Windows Server 2016 not running repetitive tasks after they are disabled and re-enabled.I create a task with a “Triggers->Start” of five minutes in the future and set the task to run every five minutes. The “Settings->Run task as soon as possible after scheduled start is missed” option is checked.Everything works fine – task runs at the scheduled Start time and then runs every five minutes.Disable the task and wait more than five minutes.Enable the task, it does not run again.The Next Run time co...Read more

taskscheduler - Trigger a scheduled task upon completion of a different scheduled task

I run a few weekly reports with python scripts and excel macros - each runs for a few hours, and must be done after midnight Monday morning. Task scheduler is the perfect tool for me! I'd like to get more efficient however. I would like to schedule these to start once the previous completes (instead of just guessing a time.) I see that I can begin the task 'On an event' and with a custom filter I can get really close to what I want... can one of you wizards help me out? I bet my right arm that I need to edit the XML code to be when task XYZ is ...Read more

taskscheduler - Task Scheduler - On Event Log EventID 203 pass name of failed task to Action argument

I have a very basic VB script that sends a canned response email when a Scheduled Task fails. I'd love to be able to pass the name of the failed task directly to the script using the Add Arguments option on the Edit Action dialog.I'm not sure if it is possible, but can't find any references to using the Task Name or any other data associated with a specific EventID. Can this be done in Task Scheduler, or would I have to trawl the Event Log from my script to find the latest failed task?...Read more

taskscheduler - Task runs when I select "Run" but get logon failure on a scheduled start

I have created a task in Task Scheduler which will run when I click the "Run" command but not when scheduled.It is a C# application which I want the Task Scheduler to run on system start up.I have configured it to "Run whether user is logged on or not" and have set a user account. I am sure that this account has the correct password because when I save changes from Properties I am prompted for credentials and I enter the same user name and password.If I right click on the task and select Run then the task starts successfully.However, on system ...Read more