Deleted Task items not available in Recycle bins and Audit logs

Few tasks got deleted from a task list in a SPO site collection. I had already subscribed for alerts on deletion and I got automated email notifications when they got deleted.But unfortunately the deleted items are not available in both recycle bins.Audit logs also doesn't have any trace of those deletions.In the automated email alerts I received, the username who deleted the item is displayed as "unknown"I would like to find out who deleted those items and why are they not available in recycle bin?Please Note: Other deleted items are available...Read more

tasks - How can I display a message on a list item when within X days of a date?

I'm using SharePoint 2010 and I'd like to create a column in Task List that will display a message (not generate an email: just display a field text) such as "URGENT" or "Almost Due" when the date is within so many days of the task's due date.For example, if the Due Date is March 15th, I'd like a text column to display "Almost Due" when the current date is March 12th or later....Read more

SharePoint 2013 and Outlook task synchronization without Exchange 2013?

I have the following problem: I'm trying to synch a task list ("Synchronize with Outlook" button in the ribbon). With SharePoint 2010 this button would lead to a pop up from Outlook ("do you really want to synchronize"...) and I would be done - the task list will be synchronized with Outlook.With SharePoint 2013 we now have the Work Management Service and Exchange Task synchronization. I did set up the work management service application, but what I do not have is Exchange 2013 - hence task synchronization via Exchange wouldn't work (we have Ex...Read more

tasks - Remove call out/pop up from timeline blocks

I have looked around for a solution and can't seem to find anything about this.I have a task list with the timeline enabled. All tasks have been added to timeline as bars. I have used some CSS to hide the list below the timeline so only the timeline is visible. What I want to do is remove the pop up/call out that appears when clicking on these blocks (Open, Edit Date Range, Remove from timeline). It seems unnecessary as all the options are available in the ribbon so I want to be able to click one of the bars and it take me directly to the displ...Read more

how a task is displayed in the timeline

Is it possible to show a task that has a start and end date as a single date callout based only on one of the dates? I have a lot of tasks with soft start dates and hard due dates. I want to display only the due date for these tasks in the timeline, but I still want to list the start date in the list.Can this be done?...Read more

Why do I not see the tasks in the my tasks view on the tasks list?

I am using SharePoint 2013. Out of the box I have a task list. In this task list there are out of the box some views like "My Tasks". I have created some tasks which are assigned to some SharePoint usergroup. In this SharePoint group there are 3 users and also my user account. When I go to the task view "my tasks" I dont see this task! When I go another view like "all tasks" or "active tasks" I see the task. Why I dont see this task in my view "my tasks"? Can I fix this?...Read more

aggregation - Universal Task List

I suspect I am over-complicating this issue. At least it seems like such an obvious need that I would expect an obvious, pre-existing solution.Specifically, we want the user to be able to automatically see all of his tasks from all of his main task lists in all sites visible on the main ("Home") site of the site collection. I don't see anything OOB like this in SharePoint Foundation. I noticed a QuerySiteCollection property in 2007, but I am not sure if this is what I want or what the implementation would be in 2010 SharePoint Foundation.There ...Read more

Reuse a Task List

I have a task list named NEO Tasks. This list contains a series of tasks to be completed by employees that have just completed their New Employee Orientation. I want to be able to assign the set of tasks to each new employee as they complete the training. Is there a way to reuse an existing set of tasks where I can assign the tasks to new employees as they come onboard without having to recreate each task for each employee?As an example:NEO Tasks:Set up your network account.Set up your email signature.Review the Security Policy document.Review ...Read more

Gantt Chart - Project Task - Can Not Edit Item (Row)

I have created a Project Task List (aka the one with the Gantt Chart) and we are having a problem because no one can edit anything. I have reviewed all the permissions and I can't find anything wrong. I have full control permissions on the list and still I get nothing but that grayed out box saying it is disabled. Anyone got any ideas on how to allow edits to that row of my project task table?...Read more

How do I create this type of Task List, with columns "Status" and "Description" instead of "Task Status" and "Body"?

I have 2 site collections, A and B.In site collection A, when I create a new Task List, the columns are (I will call it "Type A"):% CompleteAssigned ToBody (this one is different)Due DatePredecessorsPriorityStart DateTask GroupTask Status (this one is different)TitleWorkflow NameCreated ByModified ByIn Site Collection B, the newly created Task List will have columns like this (I will call it "Type B"):% CompleteAssigned ToDescription (this one is different)Due DatePredecessorsPriorityStart DateStatus (this one is different)Task GroupTitleWorkf...Read more

A Task App for each project site or better once shared Task app on the top-site?

I have a dilema regarding tasks and project sites.Suppose I have a top site and it has some child-sites which are project sites. I want to track tasks for each project site independently but also I would like to have a task overview (e.g. with the top 10 tasks) in my top site.Here I have two choices: 1) Each project site has an app Tasks (with its timeline). In my top-site I create a list that merge all the project tasks and filter it.2) I have a unique Task app in my top-site with a column "project ID" and each project site will include a view...Read more

designer workflow - Custom Task Process

I am trying to create a custom task process using SharePoint Designer. Once the approver approves the task, the approver should be able to select a person/group that will be notified of this outcome.I tried creating a task form field so that it is available in the task completion form. I am successful up to this point because the form recognizes this field. I am able to add it to the canvas of the task form. However, when I try to use this field on the workflow, and I presume this is treated as a parameter, I cannot find it. Thus, I cannot use ...Read more