How do I get synergy to work?

I've never actually been able to get Synergy working, even when using QuickSynergy. Even using this guide gives me nothing; my mouse won't leave the edge of my screen. I've even disabled both computers' ufw firewalls to make sure ports aren't being blocked. What am I doing wrong? work-macbook, host computer:[Share]Left=work-laptop[Use]Hostname=ClientName=[Settings]SynergyPath=/usr/binwork-laptop, slave computer:[Use]Hostname=work-macbookClientName=work-macbook[Settings]SynergyPath=/usr/binPinging work-macbook from work-laptop works, and pinging...Read more

How to kill synergy/evict all connections

I install synergy on my ubuntu computer to use as server (kbd and mouse are plugged into it). I install synergy on winPC to use as client. Everything is great until I need to reboot winPC (as is so common with those win PC's). Now synergy says WARNING: failed to connect to server: server already has a connected client with our name.If I quit synergy on the ubuntu machine and reopen it this error does not go away. I have two solutions. One: rename the windows computer and reboot it (unacceptable). Two: Reboot ubuntu computer (completely u...Read more

Where is the synergy configuration file?

I downloaded the latest deb of synergy from the synergy website.When I run it I get an installer and get the option to enable the password etc.However, now I want to reset the password but I can't find the configuration.Where does synergy store it's configuration? there is no /etc/synergy.conf or any synergy.conf file anywhere....Read more

Help with tri screen synergy setup

Ive recently discovered the mouse/keyboard sharing application synergy and have been trying to set it up. Install was relatively easy, however Ive run into a problem with my unusual setup. So laptop 1 (host) is hard-wired to a monitor through a vga cable. The monitor is placed above the laptop screen so that when I move the cursor to the top of the laptop 1s screen it appears on the bottom of the monitor screen, using xrandr. This is where synergy comes in. I want to link laptop 1s screen with another laptop sitting to the right of it. When mov...Read more