How to typeset keywords in svn-multi - TeX

I am using the svn-multi version 2.4d as version control for my LaTeX projects. However,I cannot get the various keywords typeset. Despite the invocation of \svnid and/or \svnidlong, things like \svnrev, \svndate etc contain only random noise. Is there anythingelse than svn checking, svn checkout and svn update that I need to do to make \svnrev etc contain correct information?...Read more

svn multi - SVN last commit number on cover : a minimal working example? - TeX

I read many posts containing the svn, svninfo or svnmulti packages, but I can not find a MWE on the web to get started with those.For example, I use these following first instructions of the package documentation on CTAN\documentclass{article}\usepackage{svn-multi}\svnid{$Id$}\begin{document}rev: \svnrev ; date: \svndate ; author: \svnauthor\end{document}But, I receive only this output:rev:-2 ; date: ; author:My latex folder is under the sub-root of the SVN root like this:my projet - Code (folder, root of svn) - .svn (folder) - Documentation...Read more