svn merge - TortoiseSVN "tree conflict" on file when merging

I have a directory in my trunk (trunk/gray/catalog/web/app_code/), and my branch (branches/125/gray/catalog/web/app_code/). The trunk and branch contain 8 files common to both, but the branch has 20 files not found in trunk. These files were SVN added to the branch. Both directories only contain files as children (no children directories). gray/catalog/web/app_code/ was made in the branch and trunk separately with SVN Add.When I attempt to Test merge branches/125/gray/catalog/web/app_code/ to trunk/gray/catalog/web/app_code/ using Tortoise SVN ...Read more

How to merge from trunk to branch ignoring all private changes

Trunk svn url: branch created from above branch: after some merging from trunk to private and private to trunk, finally I want to merge from trunk to myprivate branch but this time want to accept all changes of trunk and ignoring myprivate, what commands I need to acheive this?...Read more