svn - Searching subversion history (full text)

Is there a way to perform a full text search of a subversion repository, including all the history?For example, I've written a feature that I used somewhere, but then it wasn't needed, so I svn rm'd the files, but now I need to find it again to use it for something else. The svn log probably says something like "removed unused stuff", and there's loads of checkins like that.Edit 2016-04-15: Please note that what is asked here by the term "full text search", is to search the actual diffs of the commit history, and not filenames and/or commit mes...Read more

svn - how to start svnserve with systemctl systemd

subversion package in debian jessie does not include a systemd service file. what is the simplest solution for automatic start. i try[Unit]Description=Subversion protocol[Service]Type=forking#EnvironmentFile=/etc/conf.d/svnserve#ExecStart=/usr/bin/svnserve --daemon $SVNSERVE_ARGSExecStart=/usr/bin/svnserve -d -r /svnFolder/repositoriesExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPIDKillMode=processRestart=on-failure[Install]WantedBy=multi-user.targetAlias=svnserve.serviceit is an adaptation of https://bbs.archlinux.or...Read more

svn - NetBeans 7.1 and Subversion 1.7

We're moving our version control from some old VCS to SVN, for ease of integration with IDE's (we're using both NetBeans and IBM RAD).In doing so, I set up a local repository with SlikSVN for win64 and started a server with the command svnserve -d -r c:\repo\test. I defined a basic group with an user-password pair (no anonymous access allowed). My authz is as follows:[groups]li_users=alessandro[/]@li_users=rwI then created a test project on both RAD (fitted with Subclipse 1.8) and NetBeans and tried to import it into the newly created repositor...Read more

svn - Release management with jenkins. Components and Projects

I'm trying to achieve a functional release cycle using jenkins plus any other (preferably free) solutions out there to manage the construction of several components written in different technologies, which can be compiled and released individually, to produce an output project.Right now we have a series of different components, each one defined as a Jenkin Job which produces all the files required by that component. The components are written in different technologies including Maven projects, BPMS and .NET projects.For a given release we need ...Read more

branch - Copying a project to a new folder in SVN while maintaining diffs of the original project in crucible

I have the following SVN java project structure within a repo:Artifact folder 1 branches dev Project 1 Artifact folder 2 branches stable I want to copy Project 1 from Artifact folder 1/branches/dev/Project 1 to Artifact folder 2/branches/stable. I want to copy it in such a manner that I am able to see the diffs in Project 1 since it was branched when I create a crucible review for it from Artifact folder 2/branches/stable. Is this possible? Currently, I am just copying the project to the new location and when I add the commit it shows u...Read more

svn - Compiling project on a remote machine by SSH

I have several virtual machines on amazon, and I am only able to compile my project on these machines, because they are preconfigured and are deployed from special template. I often have some work with merging branches(SVN) and after merging each issue I need to compile the project on a remote VDI, and then check how it works. I use Mac OS at the moment, so I want to use my local software for merging, and then have these merged updates to be compiled on the VDI automatically. Something like a SVN utility with SSH support. I merge files locally ...Read more

svn - TortoiseSVN & Putty very slow

does anyone have a clue why the TortoiseSVN windows client (in Win32 XP and Vista)is so incredible slow when used with Putty and PAM? It seems it connects for each requestsince datatransfers (checkout) are not slow at all?Any ideas how to change it?Update: I had no problems with SSH before. But I have to use key based authentification....Read more

version control - connect to svn server with tk domain

I am hosting a subversion server on my raspberry pi.(not an apache svn server. just svnserve)How can i use a .tk domain that i created to connect to my svn server.I am able to connect to is using my public ip but i would like to be able to use the domain i created. i cant seem to find how to do it.Do i need to configure the nameservers somewhere?Or do i need to configure something in my domain settings?my raspberry pi runs debian.If someone know how to do this. please let me know....Read more

svn - SSL: certificate not recognized after destination has changed ip address

After changing the IP address to the SVN server I try to relocate my repository on a Linux machine (Debian Squeeze) with the command svn relocate ./ but I get this error:svn: E120171: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ''svn: E120171: Error running context: An error occurred during SSL communicationI get the same errors for svn ls I get an error with curl:curl -v ...Read more

How to have git log show filenames like svn log -v

SVN's log has a "-v" mode that outputs filenames of files changed in each commit, like so:jes5199$ svn log -v------------------------------------------------------------------------r1 | jes5199 | 2007-01-03 14:39:41 -0800 (Wed, 03 Jan 2007) | 1 lineChanged paths: A /AUTHORS A /COPYING A /ChangeLog A /EVOLUTION A /INSTALL A /MacOSXIs there a quick way to get a list of changed files in each commit in git?...Read more