SurveyMonkey: Where is the text of my respondent's response?

I'm new to the SurveyMonkey API and it hasn't been too difficult to get payloads back from API calls, but right now I'm trying to get back what responses a specific respondent gave.I have a survey which has two respondents, the first question on the survey asks the user to enter three pieces of information: Their Name, an ID and today's date.So, if I do a call to get_survey_details, I can see the questions just fine. For example obj.pages[0].questions[0].answers[0].answerid: "xxxxxxxx" //some long IDobj.pages[0].questions[0].answers[0].text: "E...Read more

surveymonkey - Survey Monkey Web Survey assistance

I would first like to say I am totally oblivious to the programming world. That being said, I have what is probably a very simple question to answer. I have built a SurveyMonkey survey with a "ranking" type question. There are 14 items in this ranking so it is already a difficult question to digest. However, SurveyMonkey makes it even more difficult by re-ordering each answer choice after a ranking is picked. For example, lets say I have answers listed in the order A,B,C,D and I want to rank them 1,3,4,2. When I change the ranking of ans...Read more

surveymonkey - Survey Monkey API V3

I am trying to update from using the API V2 to V3 and when making calls using V3 endpoints such as I get a 403 error: Developer InactiveHowever the same api_key and access token work when using version 2Do we need to take any steps through survey monkey or Mashery to update the version of the API we are using?...Read more

surveymonkey - Survey Monkey API Questions

I have a couple questions regarding the survey monkey API. First, I've noticed that the categories that can be assigned to open ended questions don't come through when pulling the details of a response. Is there a way to do this and if not, when will it be added? Secondly, I've attempting to update the metadata field of a response, yet I'm receiving an invalid schema era. I'm sending this in the request body:{ "id": "4472927205", "metadata": { "category" : "test" }}This is the response I receive:{ "error": { "http_status_code": 400, "...Read more

klipfolio - Is it correct that in the SurveyMonkey API call I cannot choose the fields but instead have to pull in everything?

I'd like to pull in data from SurveyMonkey into Klipfolio.This is the api call that basically does the trick:{props.surveyID}/responses/bulk(obviously, there would need to be some value inside the brackets.However, this API call also pulls in the IP address and this I do not want. I'd rather choose some specific fields.I believe this can't be done. However, I hope I'm missing something here.I tried this, but it doesn't work:{props.surveyID}/responses/bulk?totalCould...Read more

Where is respondent_id in Surveymonkey API v3?

The page at that what wasPOST get_respondent_list is nowGET /surveys/{id}/responses OR GET /collectors/{id}/responsesBut the responses have NO respondent IDs. are they?...Read more

surveymonkey Where is qtype and respondent_id in the get_survey_details extract?

I'm trying to replicate the survey monkey relational database format (A relational database view of your data with a separate file created for each database table. Knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) is necessary.) to download responses for our reporting analytics using the Survey Monkey API. However I'm not able to find the QType and respondent_id data in the get_survey_details API extract method. Can someone help?1.QType is found in the Questions.xls data in the current relational database format download.I was able to find all of th...Read more

Send surveymonkey web links via sms, enable respondent tracking

We're trying to put together a survey solution which allows us to send links to our surveys to users via SMS. I know we could simply take the surveymonkey survey url and send it, but we want the same unique respondent tracking that you get via email, so we can break down responses by respondent group. So to achieve that, every respondent would need a custom, trackable url for each survey.I see that when you send the survey via email, you get a unique link along the lines of more

surveymonkey - REST API support by survey monkey

I am planning to do a survey using survey monkey. I will require API support to automatically pull responses from your datasource. I looked into and it looks like I need to use services like curl to extract data. It also looks like I can extract data in json format. And the data that is extracted using get_responses api, returns only ids.So my questions are:1. Do you support REST APIs to download data? 2. Can I download data in csv format?3. Can I download actual responses with que...Read more

How can we use the SurveyMonkey API to programmatically decide what questions to ask?

We love SurveyMonkey, and are researching how to connect it to our database using the API. Seems straight-forward to pull data out of SurveyMonkey. Once the data is in our database, we then want to use that data to programmatically decide what questions to ask in subsequent surveys. It appears this might be possible in v3 of the API, but we're not sure how to do it in detail.Here's the use case:On Jan 1 we launch a survey to our members that asks 5 questions, including their gender.Bob answers the survey, so we know he is male. We store tha...Read more

SurveyMonkey API v3 GET Responses fields

In my app I used the get_respondent_list API in API v2 to get an overview of the responses and to allow me to select those responses which were relevant to download in greater detail - fields of interest to me included date_modified, status .I had hoped that /surveys/{ID}/responses would give a similar facility but all it returns for each response is href and id. The parameters of the call enable me to filter the list in various ways but I would need to make several calls to identify the different categories that I am interested in.When I made...Read more

SurveyMonkey API - how does the Mashery account relate to the SurveyMonkey account?

If I have a SurveyMonkey account and a Mashery login, how (in either SurveyMonkey or the Mashery '' site) do I link the two accounts together? i.e. so that the provided API key and token give me access to the correct data?For instance, if I have an existing Mashery login, can I use that in conjunction with a newly registered SurveyMonkey account? If so, how?And if I have to set up a brand new Mashery login to work with the new SurveyMonkey account, then where in the Mashery registration process can I specify what my Su...Read more

Create a surveymonkey webhook that triggers a workday studio listener endpoint

I am creating a surveymonkey webhook that sends data to a workday studio listener endpoint. For those who have done this before, my question is:how do I add the authorization header (username and password)? Here's my JSON body:{ "name": "Nasdaq_Webhook", "event_type": "response_completed", "object_type": "survey", "object_ids": ["155794502"], "subscription_url": ""}...Read more