comparative politics - What have countries with similar court systems to the US done to make the Supreme Court less political?

The US Supreme Court is quite politicized. Towards the end of Barack Obama’s term, the Republican Senate stopped any consideration of Merrick Garland; Gorsuch was confirmed with only three Democrats' votes and all Republicans' votes; Kavanaugh was also confirmed almost completely along party lines, with ultimately only one Republican who was there not voting for him and one (quite conservative for a Democratic senator) Democrat voting for him; and justices a lot of the time have seemed to me to be appointed based on ideology more than being exp...Read more

supreme court - How can I find information about bills that politicians are trying to pass in Canada?

Context:I don't participate in social media (besides SE) and was never educated about politics as a child; as such, there is a lot I don't understand.It seems I'm only able to know what's going on politically from biased sources (i.e: other people (web or non-web)). The most objective source I have access to are news articles (and even then, sometimes the objectivity is questionable).Question:So where can someone with very limited political experience look to find out what politicians are working on? I'd like to be able to know about upcoming d...Read more