super smash bros melee - How can I counter wavedashing?

I've recently begun playing Melee with players who use wavedashing as a core part of their strategy, using wavedashes not only to traverse entire stages very quickly, but also to steal ledges, attack unpredictably, and prevent recoveries.My question is simple: how can I counter a wavedashing opponent?Some preliminary strategies I've been using that seem to hold some promise:Using projectiles, especially those with stopping power (eg Mario's Fireball, Falco's Blaster, etc.) to interrupt the wavedashAerial attacks - I find when I remain in the ai...Read more

super smash bros melee - What can be Blocked by the Hylian and Deku Shields?

Building off of my previous questions on the topic,What can be blocked by both Link and Young Link's shields?Here when I say shield, I do not mean the shields used by all characters, but rather the Hylian Shield (for Link) and the Deku shield (Young Link).The only descriptions I could find are the following from Link's wiki: Link's Hylian Shield now has a hitbox that allows it to nullify projectiles.and from Young Link's wiki: Young Link's Deku Shield is weaker than the Hylian Shield in protection, as projectiles that are strong enough will i...Read more

super smash bros melee - Invulnerability Effect of Zelda/Sheik's Transform

My friend and I have been arguing about whether or not using transform grants any sort of temporary invulnerability to attacks in Melee.According to the wiki, invulnerability occurs because the game has to load the characters. However, the wiki states that for Melee specifically: In Melee, both Zelda and Sheik are loaded in the game's memory at all times, allowing the transformation to occur instantly with no loading required.This would lead me to believe that no such invulnerability exists when using transform in Melee, though my friend still...Read more

super smash bros melee - What is Special about Yoshi's Egg Shield?

Continuing my trend of asking Melee questions in recent days:In Super Smash Bros: Melee, Yoshi uses his egg as a shield instead of the normal shield that other players use.Functionally, what is special about this egg as compared to the normal shield?I've found these references on the Melee wiki (emphases mine): Yoshi has a different shield from that of other characters'. Instead of using a bubble, he uses an egg for protection. This egg does not shrink, preventing any attempts at shield stabbing.And also: Also, Yoshi has been known to randoml...Read more

super smash bros melee - What can Peach's neutral special (Toad Guard) actually block?

Given my previous questions on Peach and countering, this questions seems like a natural extension:What can be blocked using Peach's neutral special (Toad Guard)?The SSBM wiki page above says nothing about what can actually be blocked by Toad, and only says: Upon being hit, Toad will emit a damaging shower of spores. Unlike Roy or Ike's Counter which increases in damage when countering stronger attacks, Toad's spores do the same damage (3% each for a total of 18%) and knockback regardless of the power of the blocked attack. The spores themselv...Read more

How Do I Quickly Reflector, Then Up Smash?

In this video (language NSFW), at 0:15, the Fox labeled "Tang" performs what appears to be a reflector followed by an up smash. The reflector animation only plays for about a frame, before the up smash comes out.When I attempt to perform these moves in sequence, with down+b followed by up+a, the full animation of the reflector plays, and my opponent has been knocked out of range by the time the up smash occurs.How can I quickly reflector and up smash, the way Tang does?...Read more

super smash bros melee - Final Destination History/Lore

Many stages in the SSB universe are based on the games from which the SSB characters are drawn. But certain stages, including Final Destination and Battlefield appear to have been created specifically for SSB. For example, the Battlefield Trophy explains (emphasis mine): Super Smash Bros. Melee borrows settings from many different games to create its stages, but the Battlefield is an original creation. While its initial impression may strike some players as a bit ominous, the layout itself is fairly standard, lending it to serious, straightfor...Read more

super smash bros melee - What Projectiles can Mario/Dr. Mario's Cape Reflect?

The SSB wiki quotes the Melee instruction manual on Mario's cape in stating: Reflect projectile attacks and spin enemies around.Which projectiles are actually reflected? Is it all projectiles? Is it limited to energy projectiles (eg. Fox/Falco's Blaster)? Are non-energy projectiles (like Yoshi's Egg Throw or Link's Hero's Bow) reflected? Unless all projectiles are reflected, a good answer would provide a list of all those projectiles that are actually reflected.For reference, I have found this list of all projectiles in the SSB universe....Read more

Getting Celebi in SSB Melee

For the record, yes I can google. Search results all say I need the following before I can see Celebi:All charactersAll stagesAll 51 event matchesBeating Giga BowserBeating Crazy HandSound TestScore DisplayRandom stage select(Some of these are redundant, and sometimes Giga Bowser and Crazy Hand are omitted in sources.)I have done all of the above, checking the character screen for characters and the stage select screen for stages, as well as checking the message log to see that I've unlocked all characters and stages. I beat Giga Bowser after c...Read more

How do I unlock Pichu and Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. Melee?

Hey I got SSBM for Christmas and I want to know how to unlock Pichu and Mewtwo! You may be thinking "Just google it, kid." but the reason I'm asking here is, I want to hear it from a trusted source!The reason I want Mewtwo is, it's my favorite Pokemon! And I want Pichu so I could record the "1 Stock, Hardest Difficulty, as Pichu." Why not any other character you ask? Pichu is lowest on the Tier List, meaning I record the HARDEST THING IN MELEE!...Read more

Does the yellow stick smash have less impact than a normal joystick smash in Melee?

I am a casual player, and with all my mates with whom I play Smash Melee, we agreed to ban the C yellow joystick smash technique because it was making the smash way faster and we decided to ban this way of winning.Now that I grew older, I'm still wondering if the yellow joystick on the GameCube controller was only faster but not hitting as strong has left joystick + A would hit. Is there any difference between the two hits (damage and impact of how much the opponent will get thrown away)?...Read more

Peach Down Smash Landing All Hits

In SSB: Melee, Peach has an especially strong attack in the form of her down smash ("The Meat Grinder"), which as the wiki mentions, can deal 64.96% damage if all the hits land. When all the hits are landed, the opponent is effectively trapped in the down smash, taking huge amounts of damage, and often ending up being spit out in a random direction with great force. With this in mind:How can I maximize my chances of landing all of these hits?I've noticed that it is much easier to land all the hits against larger, heavier characters like Bowser ...Read more