stun - Manually insert TURN users (Coturn) into a database

I'm trying to set up a TURN server for a project using Coturn but am finding that documentation is sketchy at best...I realise that there is a turnadmin tool that will do this for you, but I would greatly prefer to just run queries on my database directly. This is an app with potentially many users and their shared keys (hmackey in turnusers_lt) are subject to change (in order to not share passwords with the app the app uses a 'fake' password which is a hash of certain volatile user parameters that aren't so secret).I can gather from the scant ...Read more

stun - Do you need exchange ICE candidates for TCP connection

A user A wants to send TCP request to user B over ICE/TURN/STUN mechanism. If user B generates a SDP with its ICE candidates and send it to user A. Is user A must answer directly to user B without to send its SDP and ICE candidates to user B?We only want TCP connection (no UDP).Indeed, when user A receives SDP of user B with ICE candidates of user B. It can to initiate checks in order to know which IP of user B it can use to create a TCP connection (so send stun request to user B for each IP).When the TCP connection is opened. USER A send reque...Read more

Confusion about the stun server

What i require is that, I will open an UDP server listening in X port(local machine) and a machine(public IP) can send UDP packet to me. My machine doesn't have a public IP. Basically I need stun.I am testing stuntman server/client project. I run stuntman-server in a server(public ip). Run client in my system (local ip). I asked for mapped ip/port for 9999 port../stunclient --mode full --protocol udp --localport 9999 stun.server.ipStun server returns an IP and port. What i did then, open an UDP server (using java) in my local system and start ...Read more

stun - If external-ip of coturn is only used for aws? turnserver.conf , I see a world " For Amazon EC2 users", if the external-ip is only used for aws?I let the stun server run in the k8s cluster, and then expose it to the public network with the nodeport service, but the srflx returned by stun is a gateway address, not the external-ip which I set. My k8s cluster runs on Alibaba Cloud.I hope someone can help me solve this problem, thank you!!!...Read more

Where is wrong with my STUN Binding request

I send udp request to, but I don't get any response from google stun server. I omit all of the error check in this piece of code. My program hang in stun_socket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0);struct sockaddr_in stun_client;memset(&stun_client, 0, sizeof(stun_client));stun_client.sin_family = AF_INET;stun_client.sin_port = htons(local_port);int rc = bind(stun_socket, (struct sockaddr *)&stun_client, sizeof(stun_client));struct sockaddr_in stun_server;memset(&stun_server, 0, sizeof(stun_server));...Read more