streetpass mii plaza - How to get more Puzzle Panels?

My friend and I both have a 3DS with spotpass and streetpass enabled. We pick each other up frequently. However, my friend has waaay more panels to get puzzle pieces from than I am able to see. I seem to be limited to the ones that come with the 3ds. I got my 3DS much later than my friend did. I have beaten Find Mii though and have access to Find Mii 2. I just don't have any more panels to get pieces from. When I pass people, it doesn't even let me try and "Receive new pieces" because as far as my 3DS is concerned, I have all the pieces even th...Read more

streetpass mii plaza - How to get more puzzle swap panels?

I switched to a new SD card on my 3DS recently. Since then I've not been able to get puzzle swap pieces from anyone. I've tried updating my Mii plaza and it says I have the latest version. However when I street pass I my mii simply jumps into the puzzle swap world alone. On the puzzle swap screen it says I have 105/105 of the pieces whereas I can confirm that I've passed my friend who has a panel and pieces I don't own.I also have spotpass and street pass enabled for the app. this is quite confusing, does anyone know how I can continue getting ...Read more