story identification - What movie features a human-controlled robot wearing a clown outfit?

I'm trying to remember a movie I saw as a kid. Here's what I remember:A guy controls a robot by wearing a device. The robot mimics his movements exactly, so if the guy is walking down the street or fighting then the robot does the same.The robot is in a clown outfit for some reason.There is a scene where a girl in the shower is being attacked by some guy with a knife. The plot is that they're trying to catch a bad dude by setting up this showering scene, but something goes wrong. I can't remember if she gets stabbed.That's all I've got. Any...Read more

story identification - What horror movie features half human crawling creatures with no eyes?

I am asking about a movie. I remember, near the end, there were crawling creatures like humans, but with a half-man body (I can't remember well). A woman is stuck at the same home but unseen, and she was hitting with her fist a transparent barrier, trying to run away from the creatures. I remember the creatures had no eyes. I would be grateful if someone can find it. By the way, I read this question and I'm pretty sure it's not that one....Read more

story identification - What was that movie with the man with the robot arm?

This was a while ago, I was probably around the age of 7-9. Around those times I used to love watching movies with my stepdad. I remember this one movie, I totally forgot the name which was about:A man who worked in a factory for like a 'dictator like utopian society' (all in my words).He gets his arm cut off or injured during his working in this factory, so they replace it with an artificial robot arm.It was probably in the future. After his arm gets changed with a robot arm, the factory he works for no longer wants him.He shortly after goes t...Read more

story identification - Falling star movie scene

I remember watching a live action movie back in 2005-2009 where there is a scene in which a guy looks at the sky through a window at night and sees a star falling towards him. The star falls from the sky to his hand. He holds it in his hands and looks at it. The star looked like a Tamarind seed and then it starts to penetrate through his hand while hurting him.I only remember this scene of the movie....Read more

story identification - Help with identifying book about talking dog from outer space?

I read this book a long time ago, and while its name is lost to me, several details ring remarkably clear.The premise of the book is that this boy adopts a dog who has the ability to communicate with him and other children via mind reading. He offers advice to the children and helps them deal with their problems. This one girl is sexually assaulted by the brother, and the dog gives her advice and how to talk about it. The boy develops a crush on a girl that he meets at a hotel swimming pool, and the dog explains it as ‘puppy love’ (harhar). The...Read more

story identification - Identifying a sci-fi VR fighting comic

It was from the heyday of web comics, and had one of those ambiguous names that told you little about the content and it feels like it's just right there in my brain and I can't remember it. Honestly hoping typing this out will help me remember.It was a silly manga-style thing you had to read right to left. It centered around characters involved in a virtual reality in a big weird fighting RPG type... thing.One character used an avatar that wasn't 'hers' but a friends, it was silly over powered and sort of dying or something.Upon losing your op...Read more

story identification - Child goes on an adventure and comes back with a black rock of pure evil

All I remember is the last scene as it was deemed "too scary" for me to watch, but I slipped into the room and watched the last bit of it.Time frame: Pre-2000The boy in the film wakes up and the house is on fire. He and his parents run outside, the firefighters come and put out the fire. One of the firemen carry a microwave out and says "This seems to be the cause of the fire". The parents open the microwave and inside is a black chunk of rock. The boy yells at his parents (in a British accent) "Don't touch it, it's evil". They touch it anyways...Read more

story identification - Book about axe-wielding protagonist who goes berserk in battle and blinds a woman

I have been searching for this book for at least 6 years now. I don't remember much at all about it, but maybe you guys can help me.I have no idea the plot, but I remember the protagonist being male and axe-wielding. At one point, he is battling a FEW men (or ogres?) and he goes berserk. Red vision and all crazy. He wins the battle and realizes, after the fact, that he hit the woman he was helping (or maybe she was just in the way?) with his axe while going crazy. I'm not sure how the scene ends, but I think he leaves her for dead. Later, they ...Read more

story identification - Book about adventure on Jupiter

I read several of my, now ex-, brother-in-law's scifi books back in the early nineties without really paying too much attention to the titles or authors; just wanted something to read. One keeps coming back up in memories every now and then and I would like to read it again. It wasn't a short story but it may have only been novella in length. The story was about a human from Earth who went to Jupiter (maybe Venus?) and communicated his adventures there back to the book's author on Earth via telepathy (mentioned in the opening chapters). On hi...Read more

story identification - Seeking a picture book about tricking witches into going out into the rain

In the early 1980s, I read a picture book about how a group of men destroyed the coven of witches that were terrorizing their town. As I remember it, the style of the illustrations was similar to that of Tomie dePaola, but none of the books he illustrated sound like what I am looking for.I do not recall what the group of witches actually did to make trouble. However, I do remember how they were destroyed. The witches were vulnerable to rainwater, or maybe any water (like the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz). However, they were ...Read more

story identification - YA Series about a boy who gets a Aztec (?) armband, gains powers when tokens placed in it

I remember a book in this series around 7 or 8 years ago. I think it was newly published at that point, but am not certain. It was aimed at young adults, and I think the cover had a red border with artwork from the story.The main protagonist is a middle school aged boy. I didn't read the first book, so I'm not entirely sure of how he got it, but at some point he obtains an Aztec armband with a circular indentation on it. When he places certain tokens or coins in that slot, he gains powers, related to whatever was on the token. These include inv...Read more

story identification - Animation about a girl losing time after going to a witch's house

I watched this animation on VHS, 10 to 14 years ago.It was about a girl (might have been about a boy as well) who ventured to a bewitched house. I remember the house to be black, castle-like, or Gothic, and it could have been smaller on the outside bigger on the inside. An evil witch lived there. Long story short, the girl runs from the house, only to find out that some time - 2 years, not sure about that - has passed, and no one remembers her. She might have had a brother who aged significantly, or doesn't remember her as well.She goes back to...Read more

story identification - Fantasy Series Featuring Humans versus Sheep/Ram Bipeds in a World with Cyclic Longterm Climatic Changes

The weather is getting colder and a race of rams is threatening the human population. Both races are at an medieval stage of evolution.I don't think that magic exist, at some point one of the main characters, a young girl is believed to freeze a river, but it is described as having been undercooled.There is a religion, possibly focusing on the climatic changes. A large stone wheel is turned by monks pushing the walls in solitary rooms inside the wheel. A male main character takes a tour in the wheel.I read it in danish in the mid to late eighti...Read more