stereoscopy - How do I program a stereo-capable graphics card to display stereo images?

I'd like to write my own stereo image viewer, because there are certain features I need which are missing from the one bundled with my NVidia/EVGA GTX 580. I can't figure out how to program the card to enter "shutterglass" mode where every other frame (at 120 HZ) alternates left and right.I've looked at the OpenGL, Direct3D, and XNA APIs, as well as information from NVIDIA, and can't figure out how to get started. How do I set separate left and right images, how do I tell the screen to display it, and how to I tell the driver to activate the sh...Read more

stereoscopy - How can I view my 3D rendered 360 pictures on gear VR?

I got a gear VR with an app that lets me view pictures in 360, I have made the app able to recognice my usual 360 rendered pictures. But I have seen the same app can also show 3D 360, which means there is depth in sight in the 360 image. I have rendered a panorama picture with the stereoscopy option "spherical stereoscopy" activated. It gave me two panorama files on the output. Which are for Left and Right eye. How can I turn those into a 3D panorama file usable in Gear VR? Would love some help on this. I have gone through google about an hour ...Read more