Static IP, PI. raspbian jessie

Okay, here's the situation I am in. I have a raspberry Pi 2 model B. I have Raspbain Jessie installed as the OS. I have Apache installed as well. I have a web server running and i am able to edit it and access the site from different devices on different internet connections. I want to be able to connect to my RaspPi through SSH on my MacBook Pro. I am able to do this while on the same network. My Pi is plugged into the router via an Ethernet. What i have tried is, logging into my router and reserving an IP for my Pi, i also entered my MAC addr...Read more

Can you set up a static IP address

Apologies. I did search for this question/answer, but they were too technical for me so I have to start a new question. Is it possible to set up my own static IP address without buying this from my internet provider? I use Sky Broadband. I googled this and found some sites that give instructions on how to update your internet properties to a single fixed IP but I'm not sure if this applies to me or if I also need something else. ( you for ...Read more

static or dynamic ips

I run this site and I approve access for a section of the site for people. I only want to approve static ips. If i have a bunch of IPs how do I find out if they are static or not? I can do the remaining parts but there is probably some function in the socket library or something that lets me script the part to find if the users are using static or dynamic IP.thanks !Php/Js would work too....Read more

Makeing my site available through static IP

So I just finished development of a prototype of my MVC site.It uses a local instance of a full SQL Server 2008 install, and I'm developing just with the development serves that come with Visual Studio 2010.Is there ANYWAY I can make this available to my friend to log on and test some stuff out? Or is there no way unless I'm using IIS or something.Also, I'd want him to be able to like, use it fully, so access to the DB, etc.Thanks ahead of time guys....Read more