family - Under what visa category does my wife need to travel to the UK with me for two months, if I'm going there on a 1 year work permit visa?

I am resident of India and my UK Work Permit is in stamping process ( 1 year). Since the work requiremnet is for 3-4 months as per company policy, company has not sposored dependant visa for my spouse and a kid as the duration is less than six month.My tentative travel in second week of April. I woud like to take my wife and kid along with me for the similar or less period say 2 months.What visa I should apply for my wife and a kid.. visitor visa/ family visit? should she mention in the visa form that she is going along with me and staying with...Read more

minors - What should be the visa type for an under 18 going to a conference in the UK?

I am 17 years old and I have an invitation from a university regarding a conference. Usually, for a conference, a business visa is appropriate but when I clicked that it said this visa is for adults only. I then tried to give business (academic) but even that has four options which are: researchteachingclinical practiceformal exchangeI am really confused. What type of visa should I apply for?...Read more

pakistani citizens - UK Standard Visitor visa application to sit for PLAB 1 without savings or job

I am a medical doctor in Pakistan. I have been on a career break to allow myself to study full time for the IELTS exam (from which I recently got the required band score) and PLAB 1. I have now registered and paid for the PLAB 1 exam in UK for June 2016, as the next sitting in Pakistan is in November 2016 and I feel like I am ready to do the exam sooner.Due to having no current employment, my savings are limited (around 25,000 Pakistani Rupees) but I live with my parents and do not have any financial commitments at home. My savings have deplet...Read more

nigerian citizens - What can I do to lift a 10 year ban for making a mistake in my UK visa application?

I am a Nigerian citizen. In 2007 I was twice denied a visa to the UK. Recently I was filling out an application for another UK visitor visa and by mistake I answered no to the question whether I had ever been denied a UK visa, instead of yes.When reviewing my application, the visa officer found out about the previous visa rejections and as a result I got a 10 year ban on travel to the UK.What can I do to lift my 10 year ban? Will this ban affect my chances of obtaining a visitor visa to the USA?...Read more

chinese citizens - UK standard visitor visa employment letter

I am a Chinese citizen who plans to apply for a UK standard visitor visa in China to attend a conference in the UK in July 2019. I just finished my first job contract, which is at a U.S. university, and I will be employed as an instructor at another U.S. university in August 2019.The time when I apply for UK visa and attend the conference is in the gap between the time I finish my first employment but have not yet begun my second employment. Is it okay that I provide the employment letter from my future employer?Since I apply for the visa in Ch...Read more

helsinki - Where can one apply for a UK visa in a proper embassy?

In Helsinki, UK visa applications involve a visit to what appears to be a temp agency. The UK has a perfectly nice Helsinki embassy, so this isn't an issue of remote location. I had assumed that this was because the whole process had been outsourced, but a recent Vice article suggests otherwise: Here, instead of queuing up at the embassy to apply for a UK travel visa, Emiratis willing to spend £435 [$620] for the privilege will be able to drop into what's been described as a "Platinum Lounge"—via a dedicated chauffeur service, naturally—wh...Read more

islam - Does the UK visa system discriminate against Muslims?

Four people having valid documents for an MRCP examination were refused on different grounds and for us these grounds are not enough justifiable.Can you tell me, is there any policy change about Muslims entering the UK? Will they be rejected no matter what?If it is a policy then we should be preparing otherwise. It will be helpful if anyone has any idea about it. Because I think no one will try hard for two years to pass the first two parts of a reputed degree and then enter the UK for any terrorist activities or stay for an indefinite period w...Read more

Retired Parents - Apply Visitor Visa

my husband is currently on ICT tier 2 and I will be joining him shortly. I would like my parents to accompany me when I travel to the UK. Hence I would like to apply visitor visa for themA little background, my dad is a retired business man and his income comes from the following:1. Interest from fixed deposits - ~12 lacs2. Rent from an apartment - 20k per month3. My sister helps them - 12.5k per monthOther than the above, my parents own 2 flats in Bangalore both put together worth 1cr. My question here is what all documents do they need to sho...Read more

Is there an in person interview for UK general visitor visa applying from US?

I am on F-1 student visa in the US and wish to visit UK on my way to India. I have filled out the online application form and collected all required documents which includes document checklist.I also visited the application center for the biometrics and now I want to mail my package to the visa application center.Check list mentions that do not sign it until you are at your appointment. I am not sure what appointment is this ? I already went to biometrics appointment and there they never checked for these documents. Also, I am not not sure if t...Read more

pakistani citizens - Am I being scammed? (UK visit visa refusal)

I am from Pakistan. I applied for a 4 week UK family visit visa with my 6 year old daughter and they refused, my refusal issue is the same. I am going to quote my refusal letter:[These objections and reasons are not as like they thinking I have my bank statement and transactions including Rs. 4 lac balance I have transactions of my salary in statement and my husband recently employed he is also have his salary transaction in the same statement because we are both using our joint account.I just want to go to the UK and meet my family for 4 weeks...Read more

pakistani citizens - Bank statement UK visitor visa

ECO concerned with opening balance of bank statement ? My statement of account is consistent and there is no funds Parking . Can he refuse application by simply stating how you got money ? My monthly income is 50 thousand pkr and opening balance of my statement is 1.3 million which I collected by selling a car last year and it is my saving in my account .. much confused and need positive opinion please...Read more

proof of funds - UK Standard Visitor Visa for Indonesian citizen (visa-national)

Edited so that it is in line with forum:I am a British citizen currently living in Bali, Indonesia. I live with my Indonesian boyfriend, where we both work. I plan on going back to the UK for up to 10 days around Easter time to visit my friends and family and we would like for my boyfriend to be able to come too. We have looked at the application process but we are slightly concerned as to whether his visa application will be successful or not. Our main concern is the bank statements needed to prove that he has the funds to support the holiday ...Read more