staging - Can I prevent search engines from indexing an entire directory on my website?

I have a staging site which I use to draft new features, changes and content to my actual website.I don't want this to get indexed, but I'm hoping for a solution a little easier than having to add the below to every page on my site:<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">Can I do this in a way similar to how I added a password to the domain using a .htaccess file?...Read more

master data services - MDS Staging with automatic codes creation

everyone!We're using MS SQL Master Data Services to organize our enterprise master data and some of entities, we keep, consists of data, that we load from external sources almost as-is. We regularly update them using jobs or SSIS packages, placing data into staging tables ([stg].[<name>_Leaf]) and starting staging process using procedures, named as [stg].[udp_<name>_Leaf] as described in THIS and THIS topics about staging process in MDS.Sometimes data, we import from some external source is presented as a flat table, just containing...Read more

deployment - Copy the whole production environment to staging

There is the following WSS solution deployment scenario:Copy the whole production WSS to stagingDeploy new solution/update to stagingRun automated tests & human tests on stagingDeploy new solution/update to productionNow I wonder how to achieve point 1. Copy the whole production WSS to staging.Is it possible to simply run stsadm -o backup/restore to copy to whole production to staging? Or are there better approaches for this?Additional information:Content DB < 500mbProduction/Staging environments share the same network & same ADI am ...Read more