when concatenating more than one field in iif clause condition showing error in SSRS report builder 2016

When i do concatenation of more than one field in if true clues it showing error. my expression code as as below:=IIf(Fields!testnm.Value="High Temperature Test","Temperature Tolerance :"&Fields!val1.Value&" "&"Duration :"&Fields!val2.Value&" "&"Remarks :"&Fields!val3.Value,IIf(Fields!testnm.Value="Burn In Test","Temperature Tolerance :"&Fields!val1.Value&" "&"Duration :"&Fields!val2.Value&" "&"Remarks :"&Fields!val3.Value,IIf(Fields!testnm.Value="Low Temperature Test","Temperature Toleran...Read more

IIF Date falls BETWEEN two dates using SSRS

I am using SSRS 2016 and trying to compare a field to check if the Month falls between two parameters, as following: =IIF(Format(Fields!FromDate.Value, "MMM") BETWEEN (Format(Parameters!FromDate.Value, "MMM") && (Format(Parameters!UnilDate.Value, "MMM") ), Fields!Days.Value, "0")I have manually setup some fields in the dataset to display Jan to Dec. The aim is to show each result in its relevant month when you select the parameters: FromDate and UntilDateWhat am I missing here?...Read more

ssrs 2016 - How to change the title of a report to be different from .rdl file name

What is the variable name that is being displayed in the web-portal as the report name?Example: if my RDL file is named Reportforseeingthings.rdlI want the name displayed in the web portal as "Report for seeing things"Is there a report properties variable that can be modified before deployment to handle this along with a server config to grab that variable instead of the file name?Open to other solutions as well....Read more

SSRS 2016 Report Manager Blank Page

I recently installed SSRS 2016 on a Windows 2012 R2 machine and when I go to the Report manager URL I get a blank page. I used the defaults when configuring SSRS except I changed the port from 80 to 8080. The version of SQL Server that SSRS is using is 2016 SP1 and is located on the same server. I'm a local admin on the box. SSRS is installed on the default instance (there is a 2012 and 2014 SQL Server named instance on the box as well but no other installation of SSRS).The blank page doesn't leave me much to go on in regards to figuring ou...Read more

How to get only one value in SSRS?

This is the values in table1.I have a data in a Table1 where it is login hours for a day for multiple employees. I am creating a SSRS report and data they want is belowThis is the Output i need in the below table in SSRS 2016.Thank you in advance...Read more

ssrs 2016 - Mobile Report Publisher. "Time chart" and "Number with delta" gauge

I have some questions about SSRS 2016 Mobile Report Publisher.Is there any possibility to change the appearance of lines (style, color, thickness) in Time chart gauge? It seems that there is no standard way to do that.Screenshot - Time chart line appearance:Number with delta gauge. Ranges of zones (maximum, neutral, minimum) could be set via “Set ranges…” button. Could these values be set not manually, but be taken from DB and set programmatically?Screenshot - Ranges in Number with delta gauge:...Read more

reporting services 2016 - SSRS Report Stuck On Loading After SQL Server Upgrade From Standard To Enterprise

We updated our SQL Server from Standard to Enterprise. All my solutions were originally built in Visual Studio 17 (SSTD) and deployed as VS 8, 12, 14. I updated one of my reports and deployed it as VS16. The report worked at first, then became really laggy. All other reports were working fine. I attempted to open the solution using Blend, but it indicated it was incompatible. When I attempted to reopen the solution using VS 17 (SSDT), it indicated the same error (incompatible). Now I am unable to open any solution using VS 17 (SSDT) nor Ble...Read more